All star war 2019

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    they must ask for suitable time slots from all time zones & put on poll
  2. The weekday is not a bad option. Weekends are busy with family time tbh. Devs not gonna please everyone so this is something to try. But please shorten the time.
  3. Glad the wars were shortened and it was restricted to top 10k. However, if you do decide to keep it on a weekday, I think the wars should start later.

    Also, there should 100% be a poll next time for the best war times.
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  4. War times are perfect for uk players 😜👍
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  5. Pls don't change war time
  6. so many will laugh at this if an issue still arise during these weekday wars with your maximum support. hope it'll be a flawless one.

    i really cant do this asw weekdays. good luck all who are signing up
  7. NO!!! A lot of ppl work weekends, your ppl can do it once in awhile! Ppl work during week, keep it as it was. Ya'll should have this down pat by now. With old schedule with different days and times it helped accommodate all.
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  8. I also agree we need special ASW RING etc...
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  9. Having been in ASW 2018 with (6?) Clans with 74/77 members, I can't see there being enough applicants for a mid week tournament like this. Or people may miss a war in the series. Fingers crossed for the community, the Devs, and my team win :p.
  10. Wed & Thurs ????? Really
  11. In matchup u will consider charms and furnished? Or just stats??
    If just ally and stats war's going to be imbalance big time...
  12. If I didn’t know you were serious I would laugh this off as a joke. You are choosing to ignore the easy of use of your product for the consumers to save your employees a weekend of fixing possible mistakes. I usually laugh when people say this game is dead since we’ve been anticipating it dying since pwars years ago but this is the first clear cut sign that you aren’t even trying hide your idgaf anymore.
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  13. Devs you seem to be lacking one of two things that I can see, work ethic or direction. The first is devastating and probably not fixable if that is the case so we will hope it isn’t that.

    You have somehow kept a phone game going for 10 years so that deserves some praise no doubt however where do you go from here?
    If you plan to make this a 12, 13, etc year income then you have to put in the work, invest in more staff, or whatever it takes to give a reason for people to continue paying to grow. EE, asw, seasonal wars are the only thing you have left to keep people’s drive aside from socializing and you seem to not be putting in the work for that. When it’s just socializing why will we pay for premiums?

    By your hand or the communities osws are a joke now, anyone that says otherwise is delusional and that was your biggest money maker so what is your direction for the game? Or is it not worth investing in for you anymore?
  14. No. 80/20 rule. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your player base. As long as whales still spend exorbitant amounts of money at NK clans (why are seals 5$? People actually buy 1/10 of an eb at this price????) nothing will ever change.

    Wars don't bring in money, don't kid yourself. Why do you think 0 COMPLAINTS have been addressed regarding war? So many problems and its the same crap. The devs are so incompetant and lazy that they literally could not get two seasonal wars (of which ONLY OCCUR 4 TIMES A YEAR) correct? Which resulted in them being redone. How incompetant of a team do you have ATA?

    And for ASW this year they put it smack in the middle of the week, because their devs are literally 1) UNABLE to code this without something being screwed up??? (This is a problem???) and 2) Too lazy to come in on the weekend when this ASW HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR??? (either make it so no problems occur or do something to accomodate your player base!)

    Why do you think there is no new eb? And new prem ebs way more frequently? Because people buy that crap. There is no end-game in KAW because being BC is impossible without dropping thousands of $$.

    A clown show at ATA. I imagine finding investors is difficult when you have the people there coding this joke of an app. Nothing has changed in the last decade. Hell even the home screen looks the same.
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  15. You took PC away. How do you expect ppl to war at work?
  16. @justRusl, actually kaw has changed a ton. Including the loading and home screens. That is actually part of the problem for people who used to war, or currently war. While I agree that dev should be able to run a war properly and on the weekend, saying nothing has changed is reaching. Today's Kawmunity wants to collect. That's why kaw has lasted 10 years and will for another 5 at least. The same reason that ASW is moved to the weekdays. They couldn't pull 1,000 people in the weekend wars with top 10k they know they will get a low turn out either way so they cater to the larger demographic. Its business. It sucks and it's super annoying but fiscally it doesnt make sense to run a weekend war. I spent a full year not upgrading and focusing on my BFA just for this weekend. But it is what it is. Lesson learned. Dont expect kaw to make decisions that dont favor the food on their tables.
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  17. Yea, time slots kinda suck. There is no way I can war for 3 hours on a weekday 😥
  18. Right on time & Good timing for me to participate.🤗
  19. Move to later when USA people are out of school and work. 4-7 PM PST is a good time for this and isn’t horrible for UK just not ideal. Most of the kaw playerbase is in NA so why not make it ideal for them.

    Make it 4-5 xtals instead of 3 please makes it more fun as well :)
  20. As much as it should be fun for you. Us UK players would also like to participate in the war if that is ok with you. It’s not a big ask.