All star war 2019

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  1. Shortening the war times sounds good , but weekday asw isn’t . people are always inactive or partial or entirety of wars in asw and that’s when it was on weekends how do you think it’ll will go during a weekday . People will still cast because let’s face it they all want the rewards they will receive regardless if they were active and contributing to the result or not . Change back to weekend otherwise be ready to see a lot of low activity Warrers casting
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  2. ASW is always 10k. So why 20k. Personally I pushed me stats and grew just to be able to sign up for ASW. That's how is should be. If you arent high enough, just participate in seasonal wars and hit ebs. Make it 3-4 hours. Top 10k players. Different times. Like it should be. You didnt need to change the whole system to accommodate your workers who dont want to work on weekends... but they are game designers... they should understand the culture just fine... this isnt 2019, this is KAW
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  3. Can we do top 10k players and 3 hours and possibly just a different time because if u start at 10am pst so many ppl are at work or school.
  4. Reducing the time from 6 hours to 3-4 hours is a necessity, a war that long serves no purpose to improve player experience and will only result in many players being afk for the large parts of the war. ASW has always been top 10000 and it should stay that way, especially with dtw/s on
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  5. Brilliant, let’s make a 6 hour war during the weekday to accommodate our lazy staff instead of the kawmunity that actually take part in the event.

    Simple fix, make sure there aren’t bugs in war, there have been plenty of ASW so not sure why there should be bugs in the first place.

    That being said, if it is in weekdays, make it shorter
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  6. Their is just no way that I can truly participate this year because I'll be at work. Thanks devs.
  7. Weekday asw? Big fail. Oh well.
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  8. 10K a must! Its's All Star War not Any Stat War. War times always suck for UK players but 6 hrs makes it nigh on impossible.
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  9. I like the 3-4hr idea make it start later so people have time to finish school/work if you arent going to change it to weekend
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  10. Weekdays is absolutely the wrong time to have this. Out of the 6 hrs I work 4 of them all 3 days, only being able to hit last 2hrs if I'm lucky. The timing is good for UK time zone but NOBODY ELSE. Seriously is this for the community or for you devs.
  11. Updates: Sign ups are now restricted to the top 10k players, and wars have been shortened to be 3 hours long. Health crystals are also being reduced to max 3.
  12. Pls allow as many ppl as possible to participate and DEFINITELY 3 HOURS ONLY, PLEASE!
  13. Top 10k? So thats me out of the runnings then I guess...
  14. Grow...
  15. @[ATA]Lirael please let the xtals stay at 6 for the 3 hour war. In ASW there isn’t a lot of room for an individual to shine and make a huge impact for the team and I think letting us use an extra 3 crystals will make individuals have more influence on the outcome of their own wars
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  16. Weekday asw. Smh more ppl will not be able to participate due to work etc. Do you devs even have half a brain cell between the lot of you? It's certainly questionable
  17. Sweet! Much better! - Good luck to all that compete
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  18. Ageeed...ASW has always been on a weekend. First ASW I will miss 😡
  19. Was looking forward very much for ASW, unfortunately three consecutive weekdays is just not feasible.
  20. Move back to the weekend. Allow 12 crystals in a six hours if u need more dough to pay for weekend staff. Many of us work weekends all the time, yall can do it once a year.
  21. I don’t mind weekday, as my weekends are busy at work this time of year 🍻
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