All star war 2019

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  1. Truth
  2. 3 or 4 hours. Yes. Top 10k
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  3. Weekdays are cool just don’t mess up or you will look really bad
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  4. You decided to make ASW on a weekday so that you will have maximum amount of support, (full force staff?). resources, standby troublehootroublehooters, etc. ... That's your way to prevent any issues?

    Well, issues also happen on weekdays lately. Where's the maximum support?

    MOVE the ASW on a WEEKEND. It doesnt matter if it is maximum or minimum support anyway.
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  5. What is the lion's claw and armoured charger?
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  6. What you expect people to take time off of work for this? Your kidding right? And idk bout everyone but my job is actually important to the company I cant just sit in my office for 6hrs playing on my phone.
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  7. Just from the loss of PC the turn out was probably going to be a lot lower. With changing it to weekday itll be a lot worse. Be many Semi active players and a lot of complaining. Bring the tissue about to see a lot of salty tears.
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  8. How hard is it to pay staffers overtime for a once a year event?
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  9. Support for 4hrs and top 10k.

    You could have made it easier for people who can't war on weekdays.

    Timings aren't that much great too.

    What are the Lion Claw and Armoured Charger?

    Thank you
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  10. Taking a three day vacation.
  11. I believe ASW should have its own Type of Rewards... Ring,Banner...

    This is not a season war... This is

    All Star Wars...... please respect what this whole ever represents to all of us EE folks and people who are still here since the first ASW....

    Please do not mix the Season Wars with ASW and S7 Wars...Each has its own History of events.....
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  12. Support
  13. I don’t mind weekday. 6 hours in ridiculous tho
  14. This 'special event' has always run at weekends for maximum 'player participation' it's ludicrous to run it on weekdays just so ATA staff can do a 9-5 working day! you're losing the plot... I've never heard anything so ridiculous.
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  15. boycott ASW!

  16. For some reason, I can't disagree on this post even though I don't agree with him on most
  17. How about compensation for war 13,14 that you screwed up so badly before trying to ruin asw as well. Complete incompetence
  18. Yeah. It was totally BS. Don’t try and save a war time by running it when the lag is still horrible. Cancel it and fix the issue first.
  19. It seems like every time your guys introduce a huge event something wacky happens on KaW. This time it is hours of lag.

    Also holding this event during the week is a bad idea.
  20. Good luck to whoever wars definitely not calling out of work for 6 hour 4 hour or 3 hour wars 3 days in a row. Dropping the rank between 10-15k great idea. Removes a lot of moles and will help actual War Peeps WAR