All star war 2019

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  1. ASW 2019 Tournament

    It's that time of year again ... announcing the All star war 2019! Please read the following information carefully before you sign up!

    • Date: September 18-20th
    • Time: 10 AM-1 PM each day PST ** Updated
    • Initial Sign-Up: Starts at 11:00 AM PST on September 17th (players have ~22 hours to sign up)
    • War Length: 3 hours ** Updated
    • War Type: Kingdom, Allies, and Charms - DTW/DTS ON
    • Crystals usable: 3 ** Updated
    • # of teams: 8
    • Max clan size: 150
    • Total max player size: 1200
    • Minimum Player Rank: 10,000 ** Updated

    • Only 1 account per player
    • Players cannot be inactive for any of the wars
    • Players cannot leak
    • Players cannot mole
    • Players cannot leave their war clan until their clan loses or the tournament is over. We will manually disband the clans. Any EBs that have been started will be forfeited as a result when they are disbanded
    • Players who cheated during the Spring or Summer seasonal war cannot participate in the ASW this year.

    Rewards (for the winners):
    • 1500 Silver Bars
    • 25 Health Crystals
    • 1500 Deepmine Tokens
    • Sovereign Lion Chamber Wall
    • Lion's Claw
    • Sovereign Lion Chandelier
    • Armored Charger
    • Achievement: 2019 All-Star Champion
    • Star Emoji around your name
    • Banner of the Sovereign Lion (if you don't already have one)
    • 3 Sovereign Tokens

    Players who do not win will still receive rewards, but will get fewer rewards.

    ***NOTE*** The rewards will be given out on Tuesday September 24th, which will allow customer support time to remove any players who have broken the rules or abused the system.

    (Anticipated) FAQ:
    • Why is the ASW during the week instead of on the weekend? / Why is the war time the same every day?
      • From past experience, wars are fragile and are easily broken. By holding them during the workweek and during the workday, the ASW will have the maximum amount of support possible from all teams working on KAW, instead of a skeleton crew taking time out of their weekend. This will help ensure the ASW will run smoothly as this is an important event for KAW and will allow us to provide the best experience possible.
    • What is counted in charms?
      • Achievements, furniture, equipment, and charms
    • What does it mean by "players who cheated"?
      • These are players who had their medallions removed during the previous seasonal wars and did not receive rewards
    • What if I already have won an emoji from a seasonal war?
      • The most recent emoji will be applied (i.e. the star emoji)
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  2. Always a fun event. Hope everyone competing has a blast.

    ASW #3 was my first and only 😂
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  3. I get the whole weekday war to fix your screw ups... but can’t y’all program it so it doesn’t? You’ve had 3 seasonal wars to fix the bugs and glitches. Weekdays is a lot harder for your customers bc of work and/or college/university commitments. Or is this just your way to kill wars/ASW even further? Anyways good luck to those who participate and rip to those who can’t war bc it’s 6 hours on wednesday-friday..
  4. Huzzah🙌 weekday warriors!🙄 get the privelege becoming a sweaty gamer and a sweaty worker all at the same time🎉🎉🎉 as if I'm not fat and sweaty enough.👏👏🐳🐳🎉🎉🎉
  5. I don’t understand the whole weekday vs weekend, if it’s your thoughts that you will have support on staff all able to help wouldn’t it be smart that you simply make them work that weekend ? I mean it’s not like this happens every weekend it’s once every few months 🙄. What will happen is the warriors who have a real life and have school/Work/college ect won’t be able to participate let’s face who can ignore work or school for 6 solid hours for 3 potential days ?

    Not the smartest move there devs you cut out half if not more of the warring community.
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  6. Support. Please change to Friday-Sunday
  7. So because your lazy and don’t wanna have more crew working on a weekend... which seasonal wars and ASW aren’t that often... u decide to do it during week. As if anyone has 6 hours during a work or school day. Trying to kill wars for more premium eb... plus we already know people gonna sign up and not even be on 3/6 hours so enjoy the support tickets about inacs!
  8. So what happens if you happen to live in the South East Asia region, we will certsinly be asleep for at least 3 hours of the war
  9. No one is gonna sign up for this lol. It’s during working/school hours. 6 hours is also too long. Make it 3 hours long but keep it 6 xtals. Make charms and furn COUNT towards match making.
  10. That’s 3am - 9am in Australia rip 😂
  11. How many of your staff you can't force to work on a weekend for once a year event? If you are really sincere in providing your customers good service and experience for a once a year event, put some "more efforts". Expect very very low participation if you are doing this during Weekday/s. You will only see probably 15-20 players per roster. We cannot even call it a special once a year event. On a weekday of 6hrs war?? You are forgetting your target customers here are students, young individuals & few lazy adults. They dont have 6hrs during a weekday and possibly three free 6hrs to complete a 3day event.

    if you choose to ignore this, it will be a big disappointment for everyone.
  12. The weekday does not bother me tbh. The 6 hours though is too long. 3 hours max.
  13. Again, forgetting this is a global game. Why fit wars only for US warriors?
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  14. I'm looking forward for ASW for sure.

    I do feel 6 hours is veery long. Shortening to 3hrs / 3xtals or 4hrs / 4xtals (making them a little longer than the spring & summer ones) would be better. Having them on a weekday makes sense, I can see why people may be upset to not be able to compete (school / work etc), but there's no way these tournaments can please everyone (different time zones, different irl commitments etc).

    I also think lowering the overall minimum from 20k to 15k or 10k would be ideal - This is ASW afterall!

    Good luck to all competing however!
  15. ASW should be about the community first and foremost. The majority of the community will have work, school etc and aren't going to take time off for this. I get there is good reasoning for putting it in the week but this is a once a year event. Also lowering the requirements from 10k to 20k is only good because it fills the gap that will be made due to the poor timing. It's ASW the requirements should be strict. Top 10k isn't that hard in the grand scheme of things. If the slots don't fill the slots don't fill. It probably shows that the community in the top 10k just aren't as interested or don't feel the rewards are worth it. Also a key thing is don't have an event running when ASW is on. People will skip the war to take part in NK runs to get ahead rather than do what this game is about.
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  16. Let’s be real here. The reason they moved the war to the weekday is to make room for another promo during the following weekend.

    More people warring as well means less people hitting NK. Smart devs I guess as asw doesn’t make any money but promo and premium ebs do. Xd just scarp war all together.
  17. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are open to making the ASW shorter than 6h - if we made it 3h or 4h instead, that would allow some flexibility for timings during the day. We can also change it to the top 10k or 15k players as well. Let me know your thoughts on these two changes.
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  18. Multiple ASW wars, each 6 hours apart from each other, player cannot enter into more than one ASW