" All Guns Blazing "

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  1. Not outdated xtc . They show i was a original from when the osw began .You though aint , you just a new account in kotfe since rebellion opened.
  2. A new account with a longer active achievement than you. What does that make you? o.o
  3. II_roni_II is my main account which i joined Fury with originally. it has a 4 year badge and is almost on the 5 year badge.which i am going to ask support about because i am sure it should be the 5 year badge since april 2017.
  4. If you haven't logged into it, it won't update.
  5. 4 years and this in one of my newest account xD get your facts right Ron, I've been here pre rebellion
  6. Sure you were xtc thats why you were a member in legendary hero league just before christmas and in their osw.
  7. Free ally market? Is that what you're fighting for nowadays? I suppose I misunderstood. Hmph.
  8. Ronisuch a fegget
  9. Fly just another idiot that i've never even heard of on this game .And by the way i am female moron.
  10. Its k roni, they just some haterz :lol:
  11. This is yet another waisted few minutes. Roni I'll give maybe a B for effort though.
  12. Why do you have to have heard of them? It's a game with thousands of players, I'd expect you not to know everyone....

    We've all heard of you though every time you type you're embarrassing yourself lolz
  13. No whats embarressing jackson is , i hit you , Killer hit you but you dont hit back either of us .And its embarressing calling people what Fly called me without even knowing if i was male or female . Thinking they cool to say the word but had no idea if it i was a man or female and ended up looking dumb .
  14. You're just spouting out utter bs now Roni.
  15. Oh well let me correct that action then and speak some facts .Trap is on -V- account but isnt Glen. i wonder what that means .
  16. Lmao roni you'd believe anything your boyfriend killer told you. I was hitting him till he ran to another clan for protection who threatened osw if I continued. And you hardly even hit me so idk why you're acting as if you did any damage lel
  17. Why is it that every other post on ronis thread is roni attacking the previous poster?
  18. This thread is beyond derailed and has turned into a flame-fest. Locking it now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.