" All Guns Blazing "

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by II-roni-II, May 17, 2017.

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  1. Second Echelon , The Sweet Spot ,Monkey Cave Retreat , Sucker Punch , Kruezritter , G-Block , -Equilibrium- , Fortitude , The-Rejects , Excel , Battlegrounds , Geometry & Theology , Silent Bombers , Cruiser Elite , Esquire , Dragon's Secret , Escape to Wonderland , Wudi, Devils Demons & Saints , Taka , Knock Out , Eternal Kingdom you have sat on the sidelines for far too long. it is time for you to step outside your comfort zone and play kaw for what it really was made for war .

    And to unite together and become one body , one family , one strength and a overall united force with Zaft against Apoc. To put them back where they so rightly belong as number 1 alliance on kaw. if we are truelly honest Kaw will only be remembered in history with Zaft riding on top. it is time to shake Apoc' s foundations and dismantle.

    Brothers in Arms , its easy to play it safe and turn a blind eye, but stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something a little different than your usual grind 24/7 can brighten up your world and bring you alive again and make new friends in the process and be more fun than you dared to anticipate !!
  2. Yes please join as it is now I'm lucky to get 10 incoming a day.
  3. Well you're no Ahdragos that's for sure.
  4. Lololol classic roni, must have gone off the rails again
  5. This
  6. Support, we need more people fighting apoc.
  7. Oh god. Smh...
  8. Roni you make me chuckle lol

    one question tho? all those clans now enjoy a free ally market. One they didnt have when kaw market was controlled by Zaft Regime

    why would anyone wanna go back to that

    guessing you bored haha
  9. Lol. gee Roni! Love that you included the-rejects amongst all those great clans. As for suggesting what we should do or how we should play the game - entertaining as always.

    Oh and FYI - we play the game the way we choose. If OSW was how devs wanted it played we wouldn't have so many ebs or pay to hit ebs. The way the game used to be and the reality that is kaw now is significantly different.

    Evolve or retire lol.
  10. Lols Daft :lol:
  11. Alliances come and go

    Whoever is number 1 becomes a target

    It's always been that way

    No one wants to go back to closed ally market
  12. Ok great idea, but only if roni's non kaw banned 20 million combined stat account has to be the leader
  13. You dont even insult me chubby with your dumb comment because just remember Fury came to me when my home clan was " Fast & Furious " clan and asked me to join them. See thats what someone who makes a impact gets. They dont need to do the chasing. You came to me .And sorry chubby i have sense . i dont need to pour my life savings or wages into a account to feel the big man .
  14. Yes we came to you for help because of your vast funds big stats and total self control and near unshakable mental stability
  15. Are you called chubby chaser because you have erectile dysfunction? Or because you like to pursue a particular taste in overweight men?

  16. All hail Roni
  17. What chubby says in worldchat and in forums trying to act the big man.And what he writes to me in p/m are 2 different things.These are from July 2015
  18. Those screenshot are pretty outdated
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