alison. kingdoms at war veteran and truth sayer

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  1. I suppose resetting would be proof   do you have the balls? ... Apparently so 
  2. I don't need tp pick up on women on the web alison lol.
  3. it seemed like that was directed me but the info was from the op0.0 who was that to?!?
  4. I always knew Gerty had a *****. Yes, this is a start up alt
  5. What u should do is reset and delete kaw. U just made urself out to be a damn weirdo dude. Or dudette lol. Whatever. Question yourself and ur real motives behind all this. This is some weird stuff you. ?? Lol
  6. Haha,great timing with the whole Bruce Jenner "transformation". Take care dude.
  7. I think Frog is a chick..
  8. Zx81 and spectrum for me
  9. Poor beer. The magic of television had just been shattered.

    As I said, you were never my type. Sorry Noob. Don't wig out to much. Just take a break and remember to check carefully between the legs . 
  11. Lol never ur type? Hahhaha wtf. Straight weirdo. You're. A disgrace to all men out there.
  12. Yeah if your both straight then neither of you are eachothers type -.- :lol:
  13. Show me something where i tried to get at you! Lol u queer. Ur making this more n more awkward. Ur just a sideshow in itself buddy. Lol move on pal. Nobody likes a queer pretending tp be a chick. Its just plain weirdo ****. Maybe u need to check between ur legs cuz u sound confused alison. :)
  14. What poor beer Is failing to mention is, that he at one time tried real hard to make me his kingdoms at war squeeze. Poor beer. I'm so so sorry, you need to take your broke back mountain to Grindr Noob. You belong here less than I do
  15. Lol shes confused. Tomorrow she'll be alison again. Today shes danny.
  16. Haha lets see the proof queer boy.
  17. Oh, danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling it made no sense but I wanted to say that.
  18. Now hes having fantasies about me. Lol this just getting weirder and weirder. Hahaha im out. U need to
    Slap urself amd come back to reality. And this is why u dont do drugs kids. Thank u alison. Kids need to see this kinda stuff and what drugs do to people. Bravo.
  19. In any other context that would sound wrong.
  20. You tell 'em beer. I'm sure they'll all believe you. Broke back beer.