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    When Aeon Dragon event was released, many dragon lookalike furnishing was also created. This included a small statue that looks almost identical to the actual dragon. Now a player was offering the pet in exchange for any furnishing he didn't have, which in this case was a throne. So I traded with him but got a replica of the dragon instead.

    I know from experience that this trader runs NK-WEEKEND, which used to be ZTA-RELOADED.

    Alts include:

    Here's him with my throne:

    Here's him trying to sell it:

  2. It says “statue” and you can look at the stats and tell it’s not a pet
  3. The deal was for pet dragon, as he posts in wc. Why on earth would I trade a throne for a statue.
  4. I got a dragon I'll sell u
  5. You need to click the item and confirm it by the names,before trading
  6. lol you traded a throne for a statue? ahahagahahahaha

    u got pranked
  7. It says 5.6mcs in the trade menu, not the 64mcs a pet would be. Also, do people legit sell pets for thrones? That alone seems odd to me 

    Doesn't make him not scummy for trying it in the first place, but there were definitely some tipoffs missed there.
  8. Sounds like it’s ur fault for getting scammed
  9. You were trying to trades Throne for an expensive pet. You deserved it lol
  10. I am sorry but if it seems too good to be true, It will be. Scammers are frustrating but you need to be in control of the trade. Once you accept its too late..
  11. They shouldn't false advertise but there's also a note under the item that they offered saying it's a statue. You have to read on this app to know what's going on.
  12. Yea. Don’t be stupid
  13. I think we should do a collection and give to this guy. He's suffered terribly
    Hope kaw community back me on this
  14. Uhh no
  15. No support you clearly didn't pay attention
  16. A little confused how you fell for that when the description of the trade item specifically says STATUE of the Aeon Dragon.
  17. First he himself wanted my gold aeon dragon pet for his stupid looking throne...who trades throne for a pet huh?? I thought to teach him a lesson for even trying to take my 4b gold aeon dragon for stupid looking throne and i did!
  18. ^You're still a jerk for scamming but op is a fool for trading the throne for a statue lmao
  19. clearly states statue in trade box and stats are clearly not those of a pet, maybe you should find you a mentor before you trade.