After every storm, there is a rainbow of hope 🌈

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Stephy, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. Thank you for the support so far folks 🌈😈 xxx
  2. Great idea, Steph😊
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  3. Wait.....that’s the lgbtq symbol.
  4. I'm also surprised that they didn't think of that. I suppose they just looked at the positive side of things 🌈 and I hope that wc folks will do it too...

    Also, support 🌈
  5. Why not do it:) I say yes
  6. Bring the RAINBOW 🌈 back!
  7. Perfect idea with everything that's going on in this crazy world a little color will brighten up someone's day
  8. 🌈Fully Support 🌈
  9. We had rainbows for like 6mo... It was great. I miss them. :(
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  10. What a Brilliant idea! It will attract more players and returning player like me!