After 5 years of trajectory

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  1. I come to you today to make an announcement. All those seasoned KaW’ers will know what I’m talking about!

    After 5 years of playing this game, I had a melancholic moment, remembering how awesome and stressful OSWs were back in the day, how hard it was to earn enough gold to pot up, all those sleepless nights afraid to get stripped clean.

    Then, I go to my equipments. I’m searching thru them like I always do from time to time (weird) and I came across the god forsaken gold plated greaves.

    Such a pain in the ass they were! That was the big deal back in the day, the person who’d have enough gold to waste on inferno to enchant that spawn of satan. The ones who succeeded, they were seen as gods. The ones that didn’t, well, they were just losers.

    It took a hell of a lot of inferno to enchant that thing, and even then! it would just reset over and over again. From 9 to zero just like that.

    Well, today I decided that I wanted to give it a shot at trying to fully enchant it; inferno now is like having pennies scattered all over the car with us not having any intention to pick them up cuz they’re worthless. Mine was already at level 6 before I started (pretty sure at this point during all these years I must’ve wasted like 100 inferno trying to enchant it)

    1st try
    2nd try
    3rd try
    4th try
    5th try
    and so on...

    In the 9th try... BOOM

    I finally managed to fully enchant the suckers, and it felt great. It felt as if I finally managed to remove that hard booger inside my nose cutting up the insides of it. I felt alive again, and I felt that at this time it was damn easier than it was back in the day.

    To all those seasoned KaW’ers who had to go thru this ordeal for so long, I shared your pain and desperation.

    Hope you have fun reading this worthless thread, just wanted to have some laughs and remember good things.

  2.  now turn it into a charm and do it again
  3. Wow, congratulations!
  4. Awesome! Like the booger analogy.
  5. I remembered looking at these things and how powerful they were....
    Now it's chump change
  6. How do you do that?
  7. I feel like these greaves deserve a major stat boost as a charm simply due to what a nightmare they are to upgrade.
  8. Totally agree!
  9. I actually went through trying to enchant mine recently cuz I had a couple thousand inferno. I got bored of trying. They’re still not maxed. Good job! Lol

    2 mins after original post tried to enchant: started at +6, then +7, then +5, then reset to 0
  10. I still havnt been able to ugrade them greaves there are damn hard grates on ug 

  11. Good read,

    did something similar To this a while back it got to 9then bam to 0. I got it back up to 9 and didn't care try again til this thread and got 10 on first try...thanks for rekindling the idea of maxing old equipment
  12. It brings really good memories coming back to see my old equips. They were such a big deal back in the day.
  13. Good.. That forsaken plate took ages to fully ug congrats
  14. "Sweet" thread bro i got some laughs, n laughing is da best medicine  try upgrading these moth equip, even harder.
  15. please not these memories...I hoped to forget :lol:
  16. One can’t ever forget my young padawan.
  17. Thanks yes,made me laugh , kaws good old days , when equip was worth getting
  18. Nice read, back when equipment was worth looking at nowadays it’s given away every second week with cereal, those greaves were murder though lol
  19. Don’t forget, for other equipment you could buy aqua in exchange crystals. Such a pity you can’t convert back.

    Nice thread, thanks for the memories.