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  1. Olive. 1 sdp is not going to cut it
  2. We value your opinion, and your OSW experience. Especially since you got to remind yourself that you'll fight back - regardless of your crap osw running past.
  3. Leo’s first outgoing pvp hits in years. Everyone give him a round of applause!!! 

    P.s. in case no ones told you... pots are irrelevant these days in pvp. 
  5. I love how he post nothing but a quote to show love towards ventress, don’t worry dude, she played more then enough people.
  6. Is that the Big Bad iG clan on this thread?

    You know? The one where it takes their (barely) active 5 members over 8 hours to finish Battle Royale?

  7. Who in the hell is IG?
  8. A clan that destroyed your sub clan, ‘nuff said.
  9. Coming from a guy with a 2 year badge and thinks Scout burns your sdp you should quit your talking and retire along with iBeg
  10. iG, the kind of osw clan that sends ads in wc to be able to finish tier 3 ebs.
  11. Recruitment forum? And here I thought it was just a place for iG to roleplay being tough. ( you aren’t convincing anyone by the way)
  12. Lmao nice... destroyed a sub clan. Wow.
  13. Who in the hell is you?
  14. No effort no support
  15. I remember when Leo said iG lost vs WDGAF. And his own member calling him dumb aka Nova_Scotia.

    What happened to iG? Oh yeah, sending ads in WC. “OSW CLAN” 
  16. Anyone know him?
  17. I’m not iG someone needs to check themselfs haven’t been for awhile if u don’t know what’s happening in the osw then don’t speak up about it and I’m a proud member of dkod
  18. That's why the person who named you used past tense.

    Happy to help.
  19. By the amount of hatred on this thread I don't think they recruited anyone. I suggest trying world chat.
  20. Despite IG trying to make this thread about themselves ...

    -Aequitas- is doing well & is growing. :)