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  1. -Aequitas-

    Aequitas is reopening, rebuilding and recruiting!

    Looking for perms of all sizes.

    Apply now!

    Running HTE, The Haunting, ROTWB, The Destroyer BtB

    ₩ Ð ₲ ₳ Ƒ  

  2. Something nice
  3. Can I perm ?
  4. It's a really simple recruitment thread but it isn't too bad...
  5. Is my first time 
  6. You did good, Olive :)
  7. Support  JOIN US NOW
  8. Thread is basic not convincing enough but, it was worth a try.
  9. Is a weenie^
  10. You’re reasoning is basic and isn’t worth ****. Nice try
  11. Teach us your ways, how can we be more convincing
  12. I visited -aequitas- once. Upon entry my weenie grew 3 inches and 14 women threw themselves at me. I got a massive raise at work and won the lottery. I highly recommend you stop by.
  13. Wow tell us more
  14. Sorry but werent you guys all mighty ‘immortals’?
  15. :lol: :ugeek:
  16. If you won the lottery why you still so noob 
  17. Well do not destroy evil,evil is good..i think

    Support anyhow.
  19. Hahaha this is the same joke of a clan iG destroyed! Good luck chumps welcome back to osw.