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  1. There's a limit/threshold for stickies? 
  2. That's why it says "advice for beginners" not "facts for beginners". Dope
  3. there is no "limit" for stickies technically. However, if too many stickies exist, then it clutters the boards up too much.

    As for this being "Advice" for beginners, this thread was discussed, and upon review, the "Advice" was deemed unworthy for a sticky.
  4. This guy didn't get Valiant Knight...

    But that scrub Swabia did? Lmao
  5. Bloody good read. Well presented and informative. 10/10 for this thread
  6. I am sure more valiant knights will be coming out soon. Stay tuned 
  7. Is that a spoiler alert Moose
  8. I hope so Moose but I do agree though this may help some it can be confusing for newer players in the game
  9. Avatar: I can neither confirm nor deny lol.

    BBQ: I know there are fan boys on this thread, but yea, but the thread is just an opinion, and this "Advice" isn't any better than anyone else's advice lol.
  10. This thread is an opinion. There are several ways to start out as a new player, this basically gives you one.
  11. I disagree some people's advice can be more suitable depending in the player
  12. UnicornPoopCookie's advice on page 16 is excellent. It describes in one paragraph all a decent teacher in an academy needs to know and teach to grow newbies.

    PS: in my year as academy owner, I never tried to lead newbies to the guild leveling way, but tried to explain them the differences and left them the choice. Leveling as a guild hansel might be the most efficient way to hlbc but it certainly isn't the one providing the best game experience to a newbie.
  13. thank you! That's part of the reason for the removal of the sticky.
  14. I have the best advice.

    You go pure stables and mothball all your cash into allies that I tell you to buy.

    Bam banks cleared. Benefits everyone in the end
  15. Seems legit. STICKY! 
  16. Thanks for unlock :)