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  1. Exactly what Mango said.
  2. B!!! U get it!!!!! GH r the way to start out. Glad to see someone else is on it!!!! Much luz and respect
  3. I would agree with mango. But as a player just starting out to which this thread applies, they may have no clue what their play style would be until maybe they unlock highlands. at that point they should have grown enough, gotten into a good clan, and asked enough to know where to go from there with their build. You just want to get a new player started down a path that would get them started and get them gold while guiding them and teaching them how this build works and what other builds may be out there that they could use down the road. I think it is an awesome guide and kind of follows the path an owner of a training clan that i helped in was giving to new people. So yes you can make an argument that this wont apply to everyone but you should agree that's it is a good start for those who are just clueless in the beginning. Awesome guide.
  4. I usually just tell newbies to focus on guilds after the initial forges until they get 4 highlands. After that they can either keep going to convert lowlands. Gold in allies varies greatly depending on build and play style. I usually recommend 2-3x max plunder to get into ally trading.
  5. * or convert lowlands
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    Of course this is my personal guide for growing new players with ally plunders.

    Any further additions I can make tell me and ill look into it
  7. I think you might want to expound on the pots aspect and address the static defense aspect. I didn't see very much for either.
  8. Will do Death :)

    Give me time to get numbers and do some research and ill get on it ASAP.


    and Stickiedddddd woop lol
  9. Wulf's building guide is usually first place I go.
  10. Ty Death - I'll look into adding that into the information here ASAP


    Info added... If anyone recommends any beginners threads which are useful ill look into adding them. Comment on here
  11. Very nice! You're making some fantastic threads atm
  12. Your thread, so your choice, but I do think you should link to the Modern Day KaW handbook somewhere. It's great for a new player to understand a lot of the game and to understand what you're talking about as well.
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  14. Can you do a guide for sn attack build that would help me out alot thanks for the guide for the hansle build.
  15. Of course Lumbee :) I'll have to find some information - My experience is mainly in the hansel and spy field.

    I am currently finishing off another thread at the moment. Won't be long.

  16. Mods should unsticky the KaW Handbook now, because this is pretty much the same thing.
  17. It's nowhere near the same thing. The Handbook is a concise guide of everything in KaW. This covers a standard build guide for new players to reach HLC with a few add-ons such as pots/max plunder etc.
  18. Totally agree with Mango there...

    This is a useful thread for beginners and people making alts... but the handbook is much more than this.