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  3. M̸̴̞̰̱̻̟̩͙̘̒̉ͨW̜͔̯͉̘͕̥̘ͥ͞A̷̫̩̳̭͈͖̜ͦ̐̇ͤ̋ͥ̿A̹̦͇͖̳̪̱͖͊ͩ̓̇ͯ̏̓́ ̴̶̜͔̱͇͈̻̬͋̈͛̍̎́ͬͫͨH̵̨̖̯̰͚̮͒̀̓͛̍̅̉͌A̶̧͎̜̩͉͖̮̫͗ͬͧ̎ͅ ̹̻͚̼̝̦̦͈̺̾H̶̦̤̹̺̰̜̮̖ͦͨ̇ͨ̓̀ͦ̚̚͜A̷̮̥̲̬̒
  4. Nice thread! Good job!
  5. There's many if these already, what's the point?
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  7. sticky sticky...
  8. You missed the wall and forums as chatting facilities
  9. This is overall a poor guide. Not only is it inefficient and slow, it is also strict and uncreative.
  10. I think 50 lands player should have around 1 tril in allies...
  11. Decent guide, maybe how long a step could last?
  12. Not 1 tril devil maybe 400 billion
  13. Yeah, but it would be pretty hard to rescale plunder bonuses depending on land and other factors
  14. @farmer. Something between them. At 50 lands you earn a very nice income. So maybe bigger
  15. Anyway, the fiftieth land is what matters so much lol. The lands before that are what matter more, because if you only have less than 18 bil in allies when saving up for that 50th land, you are in some deep potato
  16. This is a beginners guide which includes additional ally information for late game.
    The Guild Hansel Method is the CHEAPEST way of growing.
    Having an additional 1T in allies would give ally trade income however building that 1T and buying those allies will cause problems.

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    Thanks for your support everyone :)
    I shall take note of additions and try add them as time goes on.
  17. He isn't even spamming. Patience, wannabe Valiant Knight.
  18. Whether it may be the cheapest or not does not reflect the fact that players should choose a build based on their play style rather than because it's cheap.