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    After having loads of people complementing my previous threads and asking advice on how to grow AFTER Guild Hansel HLBC, I have decided to write this thread.
    This is a sequel of my previous thread Advice for Beginners. This thread will advance on builds, strategies and future game play options.

    My previous thread supported progressing through the game via the ‘Guild Hansel’ build. This thread will take you through a few options you can take while progressing through the game.

    If you have followed my previous thread then you SHOULD have the following;
    --- HLBC Guild Hansel: X / X/ 661,000 / 661,000 (or similar)
    --- Roughly 18-20b in allies.

    Each Level 4 Guild will sell for: $195,505,000

    First Choice: Ally Market: Is it worth the investment?

    Ally trading is a key part of the game from which players with a good ally trade, much like all the LB, have the possibility to earn billions daily. Now your thinking; I’m not the LB and I haven’t got trillions to happily spare on allies.

    - Buying plenty small allies could be beneficial to a fast and affordable ally trade.
    - Personally, I like to work the 100-300 mil market when I buy small allies. This is because this market is the common market for others to buy too!
    - If you consider 100m, 200m and 300m to respectively have the combined stats of 1k, 2k and 3k – this is your minimum threshold for your allies you buy.
    - Now don’t be thinking one or two is all hunky dory (that means all right / satisfactory), fill your 249 remaining slots with them.

    Now there are pros and cons.
    --- Fast trade,
    --- Cheap to set up,
    --- Plenty of allies to buy,
    --- Plenty of allies to sell,
    --- Frustrating for strippers to buy all those allies.
    --- Easy to strip (anyone can buy your allies – No need to save up or use banks)
    --- Allies bought fast (EE / OSW Caution)
    --- Allies bought without warning (EE / OSW Caution)

    Due to inactive allies being bought and dropped they change in price from allies not being bought. Below you can find the prices of allies which have never been dropped (possibly active / new).

    List of ‘Active Ally Prices’: KAW Ally List (No Commas) By S4M04NSL4Y3R

    Second Choice: Growth

    Before you grow you have to consider HOW you would like to grow. There are a few options from which you can approach this;
    Please message me in game or post on this thread if you can think of more pros and cons.

    Staggered Single Building
    This means you will choose your build now. Build each building one by one one land at a time.
    --- Build your stats faster (at a daily rate),
    --- Don’t have to keep lots of money out.
    --- Could slow down income rate.

    Staggered Land Building
    This means you have slightly longer to choose your build. Build all buildings on a land at once.
    --- Easier to get to grips with your future build,
    --- Don’t have to save up crazy amounts to upgrade.
    --- Could slow down income rate,
    --- Have to keep money out.

    Mass Upgrade
    This means you will save up massive amounts of gold and convert all buildings in one go.
    --- No need to worry about your build or future updates for a long time.
    --- No need to think about what your doing – It’s just months of mindless hitting.
    --- Can help with strips
    --- Can help with ally transfers and volleying players allies.
    --- Can use any of the other growth choices above at any time.
    --- Uh Oh – Farmed. Just lost 10s or 100s of billions in a few minutes.
    --- Helping with strips could class you as a “bank”
    --- People like to farm banks, you’re a prime target.
    --- Can’t EE – Unless you bank in fairly large allies.

    Third Choice: Build: PvP or PvE?

    A previous thread of mine was written for the purpose of this thread. This thread, Builds of KAW, will provide you examples of builds the community have made. The thread explains the pro’s and con’s for PvP and PvE.

    This is for future reference purposes

    Attack Pots;
    Total: $69,940,000 – 205,000,000

    Defence Pots;
    Total: $23,735,000 – 145,000,000

    Spy Attack Pots;
    Total: $76,635,000 – 160,340,000

    Spy Defence Pots;
    Total: $22,908,750 – 110,340,000

    Attack/Defence Pot Difference: 60,000,000
    Spy Attack/Defence Pot Difference: 50,000,000


    PvP (Player VS Player) is playing the game via hitting other people in the game. Examples of which are;
    --- Estoc Wars (EE),
    --- Old School Wars (OSW),
    --- System Wars (SW),
    --- Battle List (BL).

    From reading the above ‘Pots’ section you will notice the HIGH difference between pots. Now pots, allies (BFA) and equipment (BFE) are all calculated to be 50 times as much compared to your stats.

    To counteract the 60,000,000 Attack/Defence pot difference you will need 1,200,000 static defence (SD). Please refer to Wulf’s Tower Page for info on tower stats.

    To counteract the 50,000,000 Spy Attack/Defence pot difference you will need 1,000,000 static spy defence (SSD). Please refer to Wulf’s Spy Tower Page for info on spy tower stats.


    PvE (Player VS Enviroment) is playing the game via hitting non-player characters (NPCs). Examples of which are;
    --- Epic Battles (EB),
    --- Quests.

    Fighting PvE you do NOT need towers, unless the EB’s start hitting back. Having a combination of attack buildings and spy buildings will allow you to efficiently hit PvE targets with high plunder.

    Fourth Choice: Building Ratios

    If you haven’t already, I recommend a quick read through iMaster’s A Dummies Guide to Builds to have an insight.

    In this section, I shall discuss a few builds you can create. Due to T6 being new with only one level out I shall disregard T6 for now. When T6 is finished I shall update this thread with T6 statistics.

    Lowlands Provide 60,000 / 60,000 / 40,000 / 40,000 static stats, with level 3 castle and have 24 free available lands. The Highlands provide no additional static stats however they have 25 free available lands.


    High Stat Spy/Hansel
    Low Land: Stronghold of Shadows
    High Land: Volary
    Stronghold of Shadows (stats): 64,960 / 64,960
    Stronghold of Shadows (prices): 3.168b / 4.752b / 6.336b
    Volary (stats): 160,740 / 160,740
    Volary (prices): 26.334b / 52.668b / 105.336b
    When creating this build the best plan is to ‘Mass Upgrade’. If you don’t wish to mass upgrade then DO NOT put SOS on highlands before converting to Volaries. Volary Level 1 is equivalent to SOS Level 3.


    Attack Heavy
    Low Land: Cursed Foundry
    High Land: The Hatchery
    Cursed Foundry (stats): 103,560 / 68,640
    Cursed Foundry (price): 3b / 4.5b / 6b
    The Hatchery (stats): 256,320 / 169,880
    The Hatchery (price): 25b / 50b / 100b

    Balanced Attack
    Low Land: Circle of Elements
    High Land: The Colony
    Circle of Elements (stats): 94,744 / 94,744
    Circle of Elements (price): 3b / 4.5b / 6b
    The Colony (stats): 234,498 / 234,498
    The Colony (price): 25b / 50b / 100b

    Defense Heavy
    Low Land: Titans Lair
    High Land: Torture Garden
    Titans Lair (stats): 78,672 / 103,680
    Titans Lair (price): 3b / 4.5b / 6b
    Torture Garden (stats): 194,720 / 256,600
    Torture Garden (price): 25b / 50b / 100b


    A previous thread, Quick Little Questionaire, was used to support and implement the communities needs and view points.

    This was slowly written over time – Please tell me if there are any mistakes made.

    This thread IS OPEN to suggestions and developments. Please message me in-game OR post on this thread for additions and expansions!

    Hope this helps. Enjoy.
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  4. Please post any developments guys - Just edited a bit and looked over some stuff :) Thanks in advance.
  5. You couldn't just edit your other thread? Also, it isn't even 'advice' anymore. It looks like it's becoming a master guide, which we already have. This is too big and overwhelming for beginners in my opinion.
  6. ADVICE:
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  7. Slayer, that's why he put "ADVANCED" so once they do complete that noob stage, they have this guide to look at as they did his other.
  8. I could edit the other thread but then that will be even larger. If this is "too big and overwhelming" then surely that thread would be off the charts.

    This thread is designed and will be developed so that current guild hansels and future guild hansels who have taken my advice have future progress. The reason I have made this is that I was requested for "future" support after the previous thread. :)

    The difference from between the start of the previous thread and the start of this thread is MONTHS. I wouldn't want new players to be reading all this and confusing them without previous knowledge in the game.
  9. i see very little "advanced" material in this "guide" and once players have passed the newb stage, this material will be self evident anyway. I fail to see the need to spoon feed players basic tidbits over and over again. The KaWmunity does it suffer from head trauma Injuries
  10. The thread will slowly be developed like the previous thread. Find a new player or one of your friends to read this without ANY knowledge of the game - This will not be advanced to you but will be to them.

    Thanks for your support.
  11. I think by the time someone can HLBC as a GH, they will have played for a half year at least (with exceptions of course), and by then they will have enough of an understanding that they know the various paths they can take, and how to go about taking them