Advanced Guide to Espionage (Version 3.1)

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    This is a master piece blump i must say
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    Bump for blumpy
  3. Version 3.1 has been released, and very little changes have been made. Benny says that he will edit this guide soon, so I'll just add onto this version. Keep the feedback coming!

    Also, is there anything I should mention about steal/assassinate/spy win counts, or does it not matter?

    Check out my other guide, The Kingdom Build FAQ.
  4. this was the most helpful spy guide ive seen. thank 4 the info u should write guides 4 a living :D
  5. question!! has the spy steal percentage gold lost by target been changed recently?
    i've been doing some experiments with my friend and we get about 0.08% - 2.1% loss!
  6. Question, has anyone else noticed that #5 is missing in the benefits section. Not trying to be a jerk in any way.
  7. BTW much respect for blumpy. I followed ur guide earlier in life
  8. That was just awesome man good job 
  9. Thaaaanks!
  10. How do u get that movinganime thingy
  11. Moving anime thingy*
  12. Great guide, but note that trip 000 does not indicate u are at max plunder anymore. To find out if your plunder is maxed pick a target and hit him once. Note the "allies plunder" amount. Then hire a cheap ally and hit the same target again. If the "allies plunder" number stays the same u are maxed. If it changes by even 1, then u weren't
  13. I am not reading all of that
  14. Thanks Blumpy!
  15. Plunder no longer maxes at 000 just a little edit 
  16. Lmao blue doesn't get the concept of sticky does he lol he bumped atleast two that I know of
  17. Only 23 lands not 24??
  18. Only 23land prices 23+castle = 24 wats last price plz??
  19. Need prices message to iBoSS plz thnxx