Advanced Guide to Espionage (Version 3.1)

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  1. we need a guide for what to do after max with l4 guilds
  2. Bump! What about SoS and if you want to convert to an OSF?
  3. Bump forever this rocks. Great job.
  4. Going back a bit, I remember seeing this thread for the first time, when I joined the forums in march of 2010. This really was cutting edge, the beat of espionage, written by a top notch warring player (though almost everyone warred at that point).

    This is pure, classical vintage thread material. However, that's what it is - a classic. This thread has been well and truly overruled by Mr_Goodkat's Spy Guide. I suggest that this thread be moved to the 'Best Of' section... anyone agree?
  5. I'm in love with this guide
  6. And no I do not agree....
  7. Hmm I cant find any Emeth builds. Anyone know any?
  8. Bbbbbbbump. This was before sos. Still an amazing guide.
  9. Awesome guide. Its helping me with my alt.
  10. What's the best build for EB and real wars?
  11. BUMP for the noob who thinks he can rip off blimpies guide.
  12. Yeah lol, he copied everything except the updates and blimpy's signature. :lol: and he expected to get away with it
  13. He had the gull to deny it too..
  14. I missed that bit. :(
  15. Sticky!!!!
  16. Ah Blumpy

    Back in the days when theyd sticky something that ended with

    "and I always accept nude pics from the ladies"