Advanced Guide to Espionage (Version 3.1)

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  1. @Raja:

    Stronghold of shadow lvl 3 is equivalent to a T2 spy build and you have a lower plunder rate as of a T2 lvl 4 guild which is more of a T3-4 spy guild. I know it's lame.
  2. It depends really...

    Yes, initially I did see a decrease in plunder bonus, when I upgraded my L4 Guilds to L1 SoS, but after I changed all the L4 Guilds to L1 SoS, my plunder became the same.

    Now I'm able to target a L4BC Guild with 2 sdp, with my L1BC SoS with no sap, and make about 50m per unload.
    With a L4BC Guild, I was able to steal 15x, with a L1BC SoS, I'm able to steal 19x.

    So there are vast differences, one of it being, ppl with at 8 L4 Guilds are not able to scout 8 L1 SoS.

    L4 Guild = 900m = 9000 spies
    L1 SoS = 3.96b = 10000 spies
    But the SoS is way too powerful for a Guild.
  3. Tip for all other noobs like myself: even if you're trying to LC with level 3 guilds you still do the next land full unload trick on an osf. As soon as you completely unload on osf and build next land just put up a T1 or T2 level 1 building and unload again. After you've unloaded new building replace with level 3 guild. One more tip: if you're going through resets after using hansel level 3 guilds to LC replace all guilds with forges and get easy crystals from quests before resetting.
  4. What about the newer spy building? It produces something like goblin spies.
  5. @Dom
    Seriously? Having a dark assassin or a goblin spy doesn't make you a stronger player lol it only enhances the game experience... ( .__.)"
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  7. i have 16 lvl3 guilds 1open land about 500mil in pots and wont to attack to make more money what should i do plz wall me
  8. The author recommends Bestiaries
  9. And Cathedrals over Forges because of their "special bonuses".
    Where can I find info on these building bonuses?
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  12. Errr may I know how much one needs to open for abt an hour?
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