adult filter for cc

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by quigamalathedestroyer, May 30, 2017.

  1. Hi noobs,

    Simple idea..have on or off filter for swearing in cc. Be nice to give clannies the mid finger or telling them to go **** themselves. Seems a no brainier
  2. I dont think cc is regulated, never seen someone getting a silence for bypassing in cc anyways. But I do support the middle finger emoji being allowed in cc. Its a shame theirs finally an emoji for that but I cant use it in this game.
  3. I can already see 10 year olds raging and cussing when they're butthurt.
  4. Just put a fançy symbol on it
  6. Just bypass in cc
  7. Protip for mobile users: most OSs allow you to tap and hold a key down to choose various related symbols. In case anyone hasn't found that out by accident yet.
  8. Yes, with all that's going on right now I need to have somewhere to throw my middle fingers at.
  9. Why dont we have a million different chats and a million different filters for each clan while we at it
  10. How about this if the filter is off then theres an "18+ only" thing automatically added to the clan page if underage people join its their fault
  11. No support not the first time this is asked won't be the last this game is 9+ meaning kids are here so the adult filter won't work at all
  12. Silly to remove filter yes but its annoying to not be able to use the middle finger emoji..
  13. Yes please stop me from seeing the mean people instead of actually focusing on improving gameplay, devs.
  14. Who is more brainier than I? Whilst they challenged Yo? Who will be crowned the brainiest.
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