Admins should be able to veil inactives

Discussion in 'Wars' started by williamwallace2, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Nah how about if admins a **** and casts the veil I the guy wanted to war? After e caste his mith and things better to kick instead
  2. I like the suggestion no one is active in war unless they sign up before the 2 hour locked roster time. Must have at least 30 members sign up but that eliminates the viel problems, maybe allow sign ups 12 hours before war starts
  3. Hate to repeat myself again, but why not just have a "join war" option? Wouldn't that eliminate all of this?
  4. What if admins can cast veil but if a player finds out he's able to war he can remove veil?
  5. I like the "join war" option myself.
  6. No support
  7. You mean the normal Join War rule that devs where not smart enough to add on in the beginning.
  8. I can agree to this if you change it up,
    Admins can easily veil everyone up if there going against a big clan and it would be turtle wars.
  9. Just wait until the war finishes and farm the inactives.
  10. No support, I don't want someone putting a veil on me and I never asked them to.
  11. No support.

    From admin/owner point of view: ...there's a kick button for inactive players...?

    From the member point of view: you'd get veiled because your stats are a bit lower or because you're unliked and you're helpless to change it.

    No support whatsoever.
  12. No support. Its called the kick button. If someone isnt responsible enough to veil why do you want them in clan?
  13. I think only owners should be able to veil because clan killers could easily skew up more clans
  14. Bbcode fail :mrevil]
  15. :evil: I'm really messing up today :roll: