Admin duties

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  1. I would like to see a player's cs displayed when admitting player's into the clan, it's a real pain when lots apply to clan during goth main bar,having cs shown when looking to see who has applied would make admin much easier
  2. If you don’t like the work then maybe don’t be an admin. Being an admin at an eb clan isn’t that much work.
  4. Learn to count
  5. Guestimate at the door
  6. just close the door
  7. It's Just not 1 admin watching door, and if your clan admins can't watch doors don't post ads lol
  9. Agree - stat and wall check take a couple of seconds, a CS total wouldn’t help with the wall check so wouldn’t speed things up. Would rather have better clan management tools like have been suggested many times before but unlikely I fear.
  10. ahahaha
  11. They're coming in the window!

    Checking stats is technically optional, and not that hard. Only takes a couple seconds each, nobody waits more than 30 seconds even at the busiest of times IME.
  12. Disagree completely. There's already enough cs SNOBS in kaw that reject ppl at thei doors. Besides, your idea would destroy all the fun of sneaking in, under stat! Lol