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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Polaris, Mar 12, 2017.

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  1. wasnt shy accused of botting a few months ago :?: :?
  2. @ Punisher

    I got 2 because i can not beat a bot but he got 5 per sec :)
  3. that's the thing  for someone from shy to get 1 on a x shouldn't happen

  4. Why didn't u guys report if we bot then? So u guys are telling that u are botting now! :lol:
  5. @Tyrone

    Did you see anyone from Shy to get banned?

  6. bc we still beat you back then

  7. We are not accusing, we are PROVING it. Go & sleep my boi u need rest.
  8. xHte gets reported for botting

    Shy gets reported for botting

    I get reported for botting

    Like can't we all just agree that this game is beat af
  9. Be careful, New Age, including I were silenced and forum banned for bringing up bot users. Even after said bot users were given a ban.

    Developers don't care, they are looking towards their next "big" game and leaving Kaw to the waste side.
  10. Can you post a better ss of z4k dumping please, that ss too blurry
  12. There's a ongoing investigation currently on Xhte memebrs, devs have been looking at them, and i can tell you, action will be taken in the upcoming weeks to months, as soon as the investigation is done. please feel free to report users with the war botted in and time, to help the investigations out.
  13. what are your proofs then? surely not the newsfeed screenshots,bc everyone knows nf is laggy :/
  14. Bb.. i dont do 5/s lel. i misclicked so hard today, ask ur boi broly and his op google fiber, he eats me for 20-30 a war when hes my mirror. you just suck at click space click space. get gud <3
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  15. Maybe some of you need to get better wifi. You're all pretty salty.
  16. Deng I got banned for getting dat 3/s on puffin so like you can't really trust da bans tbh
  17. there's more of vro on here than rest of war community . shows something . shy some of the fastest hyb and obviously have some good wifi lolz .
  18. theres only 3 shy phegs who are good. the rest are about as fast as AJ
  19. So you want someone who knows nothing about them or how they war to comment on this subject...brilliant![/quote]
    No I want someone who understands where both sides stand and can say wholeheartedly that the people within question are not guilty of botting.

    However, getting clannies to do it for you seems... Wrong.

    Well atleast we all know where psychosis experiment stands in all this.[/quote]

    What really needs to be done, by the devs, if this issue continues to be something that people are crying about, is the dynamics or mechanics of how our (all those who play the game) actions are sent to the kaw servers recorded and sent out to our opponents in the case of wars, or back to our selves while hitting ebs. There are many components involved, in the data travel, not to mention in some cases people who are half a world apart. Think about it, really think about it. Stop accusing other players as a first step, I'm sure the KaW servers play a significant role in this issue as well. You want real speed tests, try it on your alt if you are fast you will be able to send 3-5 actions a second, if not then....well rip you in war.

  20. All ur clanmates are in forums trying to prove themselves I think they are salty, leave it on community to decide whether we need better wifi, or u guys need wifi which is A bit slow, so that u guys are not caught next time for doing 5 actions in a second. Lol
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