Addressing the hte issue

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by lIIlIllI___PARSFAN___lIlIlIIl, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. 24 seals a day suggests an hte takes 45 minutes.

    I've got a big N-O for that estimation for you.

    They take on average 15 minutes at a lot of hte clans, probably even closer to 12 minutes. So that's over 48 seals a day firstly.

    Then, without the eb start timer, inflation is an even bigger problem than it already is
  2. how about devs setting a damage cap on hte like there is on ambush. no matter the stats, everyone does the same # of damage 
  3. Lol wut. Most good hte clans go through 48+ seals a day. Devs will lose money. N9 support from them
  4. Agreed. It is much too op, but if they nerf it then tons of babies might cry :lol:

  5. So how about 50 seals
  6. Then, after increasing seal number, try to get 50 people to seal at the same time.

    Not gonna work. Everyone's in different timezones around the world. People would sit empty for half the day before they could hit