Adding continuous atk/ass./scout/item Feature

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by WAR-born-CHILD, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    Just bringing forth an idea that may make life easier for the players by trying to include a feature which allows the player to enter a set number of what he/she wants to attack, assassinate, scout or item usage. Rather than having to tap or click continuously as it does brings discomfort to wrist.
  2. This would make speed of a player in lowland next to obsolete
  3. Don't rid your fingers of the exercise they get
  4. Lmfao! It will never happen because it could be easily abused in zta and hte.
  5. Dump a full bar of attacks in one action

    That would break kaw
  6. Forget that, think of strips...
  7. That's why I hope they don't do this. Bc of strips
  8. I laugh every time I read this idea, and the posts that follow.
  9. Might aswell. Kaw cant be anymore broken than it already is
  10. Imagine all the xstals you could sell...
  11. If it were just for ebs it would be nice. You'd still have to regen your troops anyways, so why not be able to use them in one click.
  12. So u dont wanna tap in a tap tap game?

    But I dont think devs will do it some vague thought in my mind about the psychology of making gold and wanting to increase it and stuff but CBA to fully form it 