Add the EE ruleset to existing system wars

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  1. The fix you’ve been looking for is to allow us to run our own ASW tournament and you can just sanction it as devs. Put the EE ruleset into the already existing wars and let us draft our own teams for the ASW. Hand out rewards as the clans win. This will be easy for you devs and requires no messing with the matchup algorithm. We can pick however many team captains and have a draft for which players they want, down to the last player that signed up.
  2. Really interesting idea. How would you determine the captains (overall lb)? How many teams, roster size, war type? Highly intrigued if they could actually do this.
  3. Lmao cool but ATA doesn’t care
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  4. If they add rewards to such wars, it will be exploited hard by the community by creating shell clans and warring against alts
  5. I've been asking for this forever, as the war community could easily make better matches. Screw the rewards, would be a reward to just have an fair wars. Devs would have to take the game off auto pilot for it to work though, so its not gonna happen. Rip