Adapt to new charm nerf update

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by _____________MuSaNg______IDD__, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. How do you feel about new charm update?
    What are the changes you made to adapt?
    Any ideas how to adapt to this changes?
    Suggest any idea you may think will help to adapt to this changes.

    I start to adapt to this changes. I’m on build change mode at the moment. As far as I understand the charm BFE only works with BFA.

    I would like to know from other players that already adapted. How much BFA you have when you noticed increase of charm effect?
  2. I suggest ya buy more allies 
  3. After I finish my build changes. I will be building BFA. I can adapt to the game. This is an easy game like titres . I still have all my charms and building them more. After I am satisfied with my build changes. I will make all of you trash fake YAFAILS cry to the devs again like I always do for laughs
  4. Empire FoxyBoi loves this update.
  5. my wife's boyfriend loves this update
  6. Good grief pusang. How many cry threads are you going to create? And why are you asking for ideas? Aren’t you the self professed master and expert of all things kaw?  won’t be able to catch up with LB unless you open up your wallet. New lands coming soon so your fixes to build will be prolonged while they will BC immediately after next lands are rolled out. Your former reality, hiding quietly in the shadows in the fetal position, is your current reality again and for the foreseeable future. Keep them allies hidden and seek constant shelter from hits in wars. ️ Enjoy 
  7. I hide in wars so not get incs?You are a genius that play KaW
  8. Poor Posang to dumb to realize... New age dragged so many many clans into are osw but now Na left alone  after original Na clan all gone an had to ask master Posang to abandon his “idumbdumb clan create nal the clan of dead mains an active alts nothing left of new age except Posang An his gum flapping I almost feel bad crushing that clan  almost 
  9. All I read baby crying 
  10. Irony
  11. Charms or no charms u are still a loser
  12. New land don’t bother me. I encourage to bring Lang sooner so devs can make more money. The more money devs makes. Adds months this game stay longer. This will enjoy longer this gameI can get stronger without BC. I just have to adjust first on build then work my way up again
  13. Hark! Hear this! Musang is going to work his way up with his massive alt army under new management!
  14. Lmao smh only crying I see about charms in this thread is you. Get ya big boy pants on and open that wallet. Plz lock thread is the same as a already open thread about charms.
  15. Lol no need to open wallet. Just need high adt and sdt then build bfa to get the charms bonus from bfa. Screw the build cap 
  16. Dkod twisted idiot spends way to much time bum licking yafails hoping for a treat. To bad for him yafails have nothing left but dried up old turds to offer.
  17. Hahahaha!!!
  18. All in all charms were never meant too be someone's main source of strength, some people took it upon themselves too make that so, the devs eventually saw this but didnt want too hurt the people who abused the system (even though now most of their money was being spent out of game because they still fed a lot of money into the game), eventually pressure from the community and the growing scale of the abuse forced the Devs too act and create a limit. Boo hoo.