Ad Mortem/CoS vs AAH

Discussion in 'Wars' started by dogmeat, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Nope, but they suck now. Most their members haeve quit war/quit clan or are clan hopping.
  2. Tiger that small shred of respect for you has now gone.
  3. Was fun AAH I know I was quite an annoying
    Pest to many of you guys.thanks for the
    War wish it was longer.Tiger your a loser
  4. Well fought war AAH...  You really gave our 30-35 members quite a run for our money.

    Ad Mortem
  5. Nemesis learn to count lol or don't you think cos members are of any value so you just ignore them 
  6. Respect to AAH  Great fighting.

    To the first comment on this thread - All of our wars/feuds end in CFs you noob  How else would they end?

     Ad Mortem 
  7. As always my respect goes to those whom fight, you guys made a promise to war and you did... I will miss pinning your attack builds with my one troop building :p


  8. Tyr I see we met eschother in our news feeds , was a fun war GL to you and your clan
  9. Thanks for my 16th OSW in under a year Ad Mortem and CoS 
  10. Well played AAH CoS n AM, now all
    behind Last Rights in summer wars semi,
    lets hear the dark side RAWWWWW
  11. Good Job ! AAH !!! You rock 
  12. I want tacos. 

    Oh and good war COS and Ad M.
  13. RamBone, I'm having taco's now.... Want to join me? It's a great lunch 

    Back on topic: respect to Ad Mortem and CoS for fighting... I actually saw some of you more in my newsfeed than yafi 

     AAH 
  14. LOL AT BLONDE!!!

    Yafi sucks? Hahahahahah!!

    Yafi been stripping u guys even t5 is out! Lol! So u think t5 will end this war?? FAT HOPE AAH!!

    For a fact is, yafi nvr disbanded.. Yafi go collect items to farm aah more n more!!

    And inter still the most coward in kaw!!! Lol!! Dun even dare to reply my post!! Wahahahahahaha!! Nvr gave up? Lets see!!

  15. Hit? You fail strips all the time and you barely hit anyone... It's only rip Ryan and cambji that hit so stop talking **** like you actually help
  16. Lastonealive: attk 6/6/1 NP stl 6/6/0 NP

    Damn, you must be poor btw, your clanmates pay a lot better 
  17. Tats all u can do blond? Hahahaha.. Pathetic.. Hahahah..

    Bluestar, talk with ur main if u have the guts.. Dun hide under ur tiny alt when u know we gona strip u hard.. Lol..

    Oh fail strip? U shld ask 88 how it feels like, and also c4.. My 900 crystal is always ready lol.. Bring it on..

    And still, inter the most coward in kaw.. Lol!! Wad u gona do now inter? U think yafi is dead? We are zombies eating ur slp out! HahahahahahAhaha..
  18. Wow butthurt