Actually make troops attack!

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  1. I think with a game like this, you train and place troops for an eb and they can attack and do damage just like clash of clans! Good idea. Right!? Who agress and think this is a great idea? I put effort into this too!!
  2. No... Just no
  3. troll is trolling
  4. Im not trolling im talking about a idea for this game!
  5. i think battles should be styled after the total war series. let me command my armies in real time 3d!

    yes! do it naow!
  6. Who would have thought wordwaster is actually wasting words... And space.
  7. Thats rude let them have opinions
  8. who would have meh meh meh meh meh meh ... meh meh.
  9. This post made my testicles tingle.
  10. Literally no this is the way the game is they aren't going to change this don't say people are rude you actually seem like you have a life don't waste it on forums like every other KaWer
  11. No support. Don't say you put effort into this no one but you wants CoC in KaW
  12. Just No....
  13. Pretty graphics don't make the game.
    Yes at first glance or looks like a good lure for coc players to defect here.
    But it would promote eb only players and cause huge lag issues and goodness knows how you would interact it when a player attacks someone hitting an eb.
  14. No support, I play kaw for the people and its way if not being like Clash of Clans or Game of War.
  15. Personally, I think the attack system should be more interesting but a CoC themed version would stop quite a few players from playing on older devices.
  16. Suport op lel good ideea
  17. Haha. So wait.... You are saying that a thread about CoC made your testicles tingle?
  18. it also would involve a complete overhaul of the game