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  1. Perhaps implement a function where we can see total CS of charms when we are selecting then for trade, instead of after we have submitted the trade? This would make things much easier for those buying/selling charms on a daily basis.

    Instead of estimations of how much cs all of our items have, this would make it much simpler for those without stacks of charms.
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  2. Support
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  3. You have 12 slots just add the numbers as you go? Pen and paper is an invention thats just been released. Think somone invented a calculator also.

    I mean its great that computers can do this but we have the power.
  4. That’s clearly the way we currently do it, and the suggestion is so that it would be much easier. Especially when you’re trying to use a range of different charms. Sometimes you don’t want to use your biggest charms first and having a running calculator would allow for easy adjustments and try for different combos of charms without needing to start the count all over again.
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  5. Yes i agree, but its quite a fair bit of programming needed. We can always ask devs for you.