actions speak louder than words. Another Trump thread

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  1. I feel you. Choosing the lesser evil is still choosing evil. It's shocking that some people here would still defend them.
  2. Obama is centre right on a global political scale the obamacare is despite popular belief a right wing idea, funding to the banks and the ttp stance are also right wing, intervention in syria is right wing (trump will expand on that and create more war casualties, as will hillary) he hasn't implemented that many left leaning policies and what have been left have been centre left. What he has done has worked to some extent but I assure you trump is not your guy, he won't get anything done and if he does half of what he says he will be impeached before his term has ended. So even if you think trump is the lesser of two evils and a smart buisness man (he is being tried for fraud through trump uni btw) don't because he isn't and he has a poor political backing in the house. Also there is no such thing as far left in america you should be supporting left wing candidates because the furthest they go is centre left.
  3. Bernie Sanders was the closest thing to a left candidate. The entire political discourse over the past 20-30 years has been moving to the right while in many ways the country has been moving to the left. The past number of Democratic Presidents have all been at most, center left. It's only when we compare them to someone who actually is on the left, like Bernie Sanders, that it is noticeable, because the Democrats have been so centrist for the past number of years. Remember, the far right rhetoric and policies of the Limbaughs used to viewed extreme even by the right wing (instead of now where you'll hear most elected officials spouting the same tripe).

    But it was interesting to see that actual left wing policies and ideas have so much support, as Bernie Sanders showed.

    It may make the next election cycle more interesting if the Democrats start moving back to the left.
  4. I agree you should take that education and ideology and leave . Try doing what your learned in another place. Lol . Wish we could turn fools like you back on that first flight back you decided to get!
  5. Trump has no political backing, his own party doesn't like him.. He hates Muslims, Mexicans, and thinks its ok to use nuclear weapons if u have them..

    How is he lesser of the two evils??? I believe America has two same evils. its just one is male and the other is female..
  6. You aware that there are other good english-speaking countries they could migrate right? In fact plenty of it, would welcome them not because of an ideology, but because of your utter disregard of the young professionals' potential.
    It is those who refuse to be enslaved by the system who will enjoy their lives.