actions speak louder than words. Another Trump thread

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  1. Awkward moment when trump is actually to the left of obamacare.
  2. Lol when dealing with political leaders more ignorant than 10 years olds it only seems appropriate to write them off in an immature fashion, trump is a joke. Anyone that thinks his policies should be taken seriously should wake up and face the facts.
  3. The Emperor's New Clothes
  4. Where in any of this did it say anything about skin color you racist.
  5. Facts- black unemployment all time high under obama, more blacks on welfare/food stamps under obama than pre obama, crime in black neighborhoods has sky rocketed under obama. Black schools in worse shape under obama than pre obama.

    Edit: not to mention black and police relationships have been set back 70 years under his command

    Yet he still has a 90% black approval rating, so ya many are sticking behind him simply bc of common skin color. Sorry I used the word blacks in a statement that wasnt positive,.I forgot that makes you racist.
  6. It's best for everyone when Obama does nothing. Wish he did nothing the past 7 years we probably be in better shape! Can't wait for Hillary she is gonna be like a Obama on steroids, its gonna be great for everyone except the 99% of people that not super wealthy already.
  8. Lmao at people that think Chump and Dillary are gonna be president. #SendThemBack
  9. Nothing you just said was a "fact". Black unemployment was higher in 1983. Unemployment under Obama (for all Americans) peaked around 2010 and has been decreasing steadily since. (albeit slowly) Black unemployment has gone down since then due to the end of the recession (the recession that started before he took office and ended shortly after). I'm not saying unemployment isn't relatively high, so don't go acting like I'm being an Obama cheerleader here. I'm just saying that you are spreading misinformation and calling it "fact".

    Blaming Obama for the high unemployment caused by the recession is just another bit of proof that you believe anything the alt-right tells you.

    And saying "black" doesn't make you a racist. The fact that you think Obama supporters only support him because of his race and brought race into an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with race, makes you a racist.

    Clinton has 91% support among blacks. Is that because of the color of her skin?

  10. Yea playing golf was more important I guess
  11. ... dent-obama

    There you go waster, sorry I used wrong word, not unemployment but black labor force participation has went way down. Its easy to make unemployment stats look less bc they get those stats from people on unemployment, unemploy benefits run out, as people draw out their unemployment term they lose it, this makes the stats look like less are on it. These people are not finding jobs they are just running out of unemployment. Work force participation is a much more adequate reflection of whos working, and according to work force participation black workers are way down since he took office. T his article proves what I said and a simple google brings up many more articles on how blacks are suffering under obama if you dont like this source.
  12. Can i just say- just because obama didn't do the most satisfying job, doesn't mean trump will do any better :lol:
  13. Yea funny after trump showed up not half hour later Obama gave when he was going to come. He bashed Bush for not being there quick enough when Katrina area was still a war zone. Civilians police even the national guard where still being shot at. Funny how after Obama said he was coming that finally fed food relief program was signed.
    People that live here did more for each other than any form of "first responders did".
    The police in Baton Rouge where to busy arresting looters is what the govenor met to say. But hey what do I know. I still can't go to work because it still under 5 inches of water.

    Your response is a typical out of area response.

    You have no idea what the people of the area have done to help there fellow south Louisianans.
  14. Trump already put 4.7 million into a company in my city for making of his hats and t-shirts. That same company ACE specialties was giving out 400-450 meals to the affected since Monday and are still giving out clean up supplies and meals.
    The same people that where protesting the police in Baton Rouge where getting save by the police and apologize for them protesting and thanking them.
    Guess your main stream media keep that hidden from you.
  15. The work force participation rate has averaged 63% since 1950. It is currently 62%.

    Try again.

    Btw nothing in your article said unemployment was at an "all time high".

  16. Yea that because few states already put in a mandatory 20 hours of work or 20 hours of school a week for them to keep benefits.
    That some how makes them apart of the "not unemployed" because they have to work a little bit to keep there government checks.
  17. The area was declared a federal disaster on the 14th. Way before Obama announced his visit. So try again.

    Second: the first responders are local Louisiana residents. The police, fire fighters, paramedics, and national guard that all also live in the effected area. I don't know why you are trash talking other flood victims, but it doesn't seem very neighborly.
  18. Oh and btw, people that criticized bush for not touring the area during the immediate aftermath of Katrina were wrong to do so.

    But people that criticized the disastrous relief effort made by fema were totally within bounds. Bush appointed a horse breeder to head fema. He did a terrible job.

    But; as I understand it, even the paper that criticized Obama for not visiting showed gratitude for the federal response to the floods.
  19. Im not gonna go back and forth with you, half of the stats your posting are not true and youve yet to provide a source. How anyone can look at the shape of our gov and country and still support obama is beyond me, half our allies do not trust or outright dont like us, jobs are becoming scarce, middle class is disappearing, people on food stamps and gov assistance have exploded, the list goes on forever.
    But whatever, you cant argue with extreme libs, they will defend their representatives regardless of their actions. As long as gay marriage is defended and the leaders not an old white man your good right?
  20. Half of my stats are not true?

    Which ones?

    You think I should provide sources? You haven't shown any. That one article you posted didn't back up your claims.

    You sure the reason you don't want to go back and forth with me isn't that you know the truth isn't on your side?

    Btw, good job in once again bringing homophobia and racism into a discussion that has nothing to do with either.