actions speak louder than words. Another Trump thread

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  1. you think that hillary's campaign is a fraud because she mostly does small events? that's...weird.

    trump like's big crowds, hillary is more comfortable in smaller ones. it's a preference. it has nothing to do with the number of people voting for either of them.

    remember when trump announced he was running, and he hire actors to show up to make it look like he had a big crowd? that matters to him. he likes things to be "big".

    it is true trump has the more enthusiastic supporters, but hillary has more supporters overall because most people strongly dislike the way trump has behaved during his campaign. they don't have the enthusiasm for hillary, they just have that strong of a dislike of trump.

  2. i'm going to side step the "abysmal" comment. the united states is the wealthiest most powerful country in the world. so...quit hatin on our country. i could go into how obama and a democractic congress managed to turn us out of the great recession, and how the country sort of got stuck in the mud only after the republicans took control of the house and prevented anything at all from getting done.

    but more importantly, republicans have been in control of the house for six of the last eight years and the senate for the last 2 years. (they were not shy about using the filibuster for the six years before that)

    so go ahead and pretend that conservatives have had no say in how the country was run during obama's presidency.
  3. Thats all you do is twist things, typical Libtard tactics. Trying to put a positive spin on noone showing up for hillary conventions lmao.
  4. twist things? it's just the way it is. it's absurd to think that event size = who is going to win the election. that isn't how it works.

    voter turnout determines who wins, not the number of people that go to see someone speak.

    i get that trump's supporters are enthusiastic. but there aren't enough of them to win an election. that is why trump has attempted to make in roads with black voters in the past week. because HE knows he can't win with just his current supporters.
  5. Are you stupid or just straight out retarded. Just cause you don't see it doesn't mean they don't do it.
  6. I urge everyone to be a free thinker when it comes to politics don't be a slave to "political dogma" ,neither party in its status quo is representative of of its parties historical core values ...just because you hate Hillary don't become Trump's cheerleader trust me I hate both the Clintons as much as anybody but Trump is not a valid alternative. Vote 3rd party or just...


    The biggest message as an electorate we could possibly deliver to our politicians is indifference.

    Honestly popular vote is a complete sham anyways ...electoral college decides it all. Our whole campaign/election process needs an overhaul.

    At least half of congress needs to be sacked
  7. There's not a snowballs chance in hell that they'll win but check out the Green parties message/campaign.
  8. I like the libertarian party, lets smoke pot and own guns!!!

    In other words, the libertarian party is a progressive Republican Party. In other words what you'd like about each party is presented in the libertarian party.

  9. Sounds perfect
  10. Trump is a dummy he's only doing it for political gain because of how pathetic his campaign is- he's literally the laughing stock of the entire world at the moment and certainly not fit to be president :lol:
  11. 10 year olds shouldnt post on politics. Re read how ignorant that sounds.
  12. The first part is kinda stupid... The rest makes sense.
  13. This is just a publicity stunt by Trump everytime time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it,he's just trying another approach where he don't have to speak.
  14. Trump was there as a photo op. The best he could have done a write a big check and get out of the way
  15. This shows that trump just wants to make himself look good he couldn't care less about Louisiana but hey he's there right right nope
  16. Obama and Democratic congress got us out of a Great Recession"?!?!
    You being serious here or trolling ?
    Obama forced health care down our throats , forcing you to buy something from the government as a hidden tax. The forced health care act is not only unconstitutional, it is illegal for the government to force you to buy anything. Our founding fathers would already be shooting. This is equivalent to the tax stamp act and the forced tea tax.
    If there was a boat of health care, I'd be on that boat throwing health care (tea) into the harbor.

    The national debt has MORE than doubled since Obama took office. He's caused every man, woman and unborn child alive in this country today, to pay off a debt so big, it's impossible to ever pay off. We are bankrupt. All previous presidents before Obama, raked up 6-7T in debt, Obama comes in and now we owe almost 20 T ?
    What ticker are you watching? He threw trillions at big banks, who carelessly loaned so much real estate money out to people who weren't qualified. Banks were not responsible. Let them crash.
    You can't survive in this financial system.
    Trump said he wants to put us back on the gold standard. That's a HUGE move .
    Fact is , we don't make anything in this county because of government restrictions set forth by mostly democratic politicians shoving EPA and massive costs on manufacturers. I know, I am one. I know these laws better than most. I struggle to keep China from copying my products and make them for 1/2 the cost. Everything I develop has to be patented or copyrighted to keep them at bay.

    We've become nothing but consumers, bound to fail. Trump has some great ideas. This is the most critical election of our time. If Hillary gets in office, we are utterly doomed. Our rights will be stripped and there's no other place in the world to go to try and get even have the freedoms we have now.

    Young voters need to look back at what happened the last time the Clintons were in the White House. It was a national embarrassment, that ended up in scandal after scandal, with Bill being impeached but they quit proceedings on it because he was almost out of office.
    Hillary was the first, First Lady, to ever be investigated multiple times.
    People need to look at history. She is one of the most crooked politicians ever to step foot in DC.

    Trump is not a politician. He funded the entire first part of his campaign, put his life at risk and nobody would ever do this unless they had ill intent for the country.

    If you hear one negative thing on him from the media, go watch what he actually said in context, it's never what the news reported.
    Trump, even before thinking about politics, helped so many people out.
    He didn't even want the media there when he took food and water to people in Louisiana. He showed up and never told a new crew. They showed up long after the fact.
    Hillary and Obama, are both in Martha's Vinryard this week, doing nothing but golfing and enjoying themselves .... (As usual)
  17. Dude. Congress controls the budget.

    And yeah, The recession bottomed out and the economy started growing again within months of the stimulus package; that he pushed, being passed.
  18. I thought you were a troll, todd. Trolls shouldn't make sense ;)

    But yes, I agree. It's the divisive nature of the current campaign. I'm glad I'm not American. Because either way you choose between the 2 candidates is like choosing which disaster you want to come.
  19. I was going through the rest of that long post and I noticed you said that Obama gave money to the banks? You mean tarp, right? Bush is the one that signed that into law. (Although; to be fair, then senator Obama did vote for it and does share a portion of the blame) point being: claiming obama is the "one" to blame for that, seems disingenuous.

    btw "The one thing is, the government came in and intelligently put money into the banks, so that if you have your money in CDs or whatever in the banks, you’re not going to lose your money at least." -trump
    'Neil, when you look at the banks, had trillions of dollars not been poured into the banks, you would have an insolvent banking system, and then you would absolutely have 1929. They did the right thing." -trump

    And most of that debt was a result of the recession. when Obama took office the annual deficit was 1.5tril. Last year it was under 500bil. So the deficit has been steadily decreasing since Obama took office. i'm not giving obama credit for that, i'm not giving congress credit for that (especially considering they managed to go six years without passing a budget) . the global recession was responsible for the huge deficit at the start of his presidency, and the recovery is responsible for the deficit going down. my only point is that blaming obama for the national debt shows a lack of understanding about how the government works. congress has ultimate control over the budget. all the president can do is try to convince congress to do what he wants, or attempt to veto spending bills he doesn't like. (a disastrous move considering spending bills tend to include critical funding)

    and btw, why shouldn't hillary attend her husband's birthday party? what exactly can she do in Louisiana besides pose for the cameras? her campaign has been asking people to donate to flood victims. what more can she do as a presidential candidate?
  20. Lol lifting a box out of a truck and pretending that it actually makes a difference. TheTrumpWay.