Action hunters.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by R3QUIM, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Hey guys this is my first post on the forums.

    - Ive been warring for a year now and ive noticed so many problems.

    My main issue is action hunters( lazy PS1 or PS). Sometimes your plan as a wc fails because one important asset doesnt want to follow the plan.

    They usually get their 60 actions and leave all war. Now my question is why do these guys deserve top 10 spot on leaderboard events.

    They rely on everyone else to get a win so they can earn their easy 600 while everyone else were trying hard for that win. Now we win some , we lose some. But win or lose its still a win win for them. They get what they wanted and leave.

    I dont want to be attacked by all the ps1 ps out there. Im just putting this out there in general

    I urge the devs to actually look into this because it really ruins wars and wastes our time. -
    Thank you
    Enjoy your weekend️
  2. Devs couldnt care less about moles or inacs in wars unfortunately
  3. Always will be inacs in indi war. Can’t do much about it unless we bring back clan wars, but with the range of stats out there, implementation might be tricky.
  4. True And True. And they will prefer to Give penalties to the Actual Ps/Ps1 who tries and give war meaning :?
  5. If you can prove they are sabotaging the war then they will absolutely get punished. Issue is that you can't punish someone for being bad. Listening to your wc or tk isn't a requirement for war. That's the harsh truth of the war system as it is. You can't punish them for looking to do what they think is best.

    I've suggested to the Devs before to bring back the prestige system and make it on a player by player basis. This would actually promote good warring as you gain prestige for winning and lose it for losing. Overall those who do the right thing will win more than those who don't. End of season you get rewards based on what percentile you rank with war rewards still being as they are now with bonus rewards for those who rank well. Currently warring top tiers are mostly about activity in doing every war rather than being good at it. Not saying those who get top war rewards are necessarily bad at warring but there definitely are players who get it just by casting and hitting with no real thought.
  6. I agree with what you are saying, it does sound reasonable. I know this is off topic to my post but wouldnt it be better for devs to implement season rewards instead of 2week lb event rewards?
  7. A war prestige or ranking based on tiers would be cool. I guess something like what they do in league or siegebwhere you have gold, diamond, etc... Guess that would only work for low lands though where everyone's build is even across the board.
  8. Yep it would definitely have to be for a war type with an even playing field.