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  1. Well, if it were to get stickied, those who don't give a crap need not open it. Those that do can go ahead and open it!
  2. Hallelujah
    You have earned respect op.
  3. Can someone not make a thread without people thinking it was just to get a sticky?

    I've been working on this for months:)
    Doesn't matter if it gets stickied. Just thought people were as curious as me...
  4. You're seriously telling me that I don't need to open it because I don't give a crap about it..

    Might work for everyone else, but not me.
  5. I'm not telling you that:)

    I forgot about the whole mod thing. ._.
  7. weren't talkin to me! Now it makes sense
  8. Well based on that logic Drgn you give two poops about every single other thread. I haven't seen complaints there. The effort is here, it fills a niche that was previously empty, and it talks about % stat bonuses, which not everyone knows about. I for one didn't realize that it was scouts that fill the defensive % bonus, I had just assumed it was successful defenses.

    This thread is a million times better than the majority of the junk on forums and is a good reference for those who are interested in learning all the mechanics of the game. A player who read this thread and actively pursues the bonuses and gets a % or two more than another has a distinct advantage. That's why this thread deserves a sticky.
  9. All good Nouv. And it's not that I don't give a crap about this thread per say, just achievements in general.

    My only concern like already explained to Smilez is that everyone wants threads like this to be stickied, which I understand. It's a well thought out thread, that required a lot of time and effort and is relative to the game. But at the same time players also complain about the number of stickied threads that are currently clogging up different forum sections.

    So I guess it's just a matter of how important you all think this thread is, to everyone in KaW.
  10. Lol lets find eagle. he stickys every thread.
  11. Wait, there are achievements in this game? That's lame.
  12. Alright based on your previous response to Noveau (sp? sorry). I understand your reasoning for not wanting a sticky for this. In reality there should be another section or subsection of strategy for mechanics. That way threads that may not be as widely viewed as Wulf's EB guide can still be easily accessed for players who want to understand all aspects of the game. To do this would require a complete reworking of forums so I suppose I should add it to your Forum Ideas thread. Anyway that's my two cents, personally I enjoy reading threads like this that give insight on small technical aspects.
  13. That, I will agree with.
  14. ._. Close enough, Flaming!
  15. Nice thread
  16. Bump till stickied 


    Although I might never open this thread again 
  17. Thing about players that actively pursue the achievements, that doesnt actually happen. People pursue a number of wins, or to be #1 on the Leaderboard, but not just for a shiny badge. They do it because its cool to be #1, or to have 1m assn wins/losses (if youre like that).

    As for this thread being better than most threads on forums, thats a generic fact that goes for any well thought out thread, so that isnt really a good argument. This is a nice guide, its coherent and concise, but with OP leaving, and more and more achievements being brought out, I see this guide being outdated pretty soon.
  18. I'm leaving, but I will still be everyone's hearts (;

    Who knows? Maybe the thread will be mysteriously updated occasionally.hehe
  19. Bumppp ;) Would appreciate if someone could pm me missing info from this to help me get caught up! Gonna try and modernize it :) Thanks!