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    I am a participant in the Kingdoms of Heckfire beta (KoH) and i recently earned the first ever silence in the game. I just wanted to immortalize this achievement here since there are no forums yet in KoH.

    I would like to thank the ATA development team, as well as my friends from foxes (they made a foxes clan in KoH too).

    All hail Lonesong, the first player silenced in Kingdoms of Heckfire!

  2. I mean if it wasn't on purpose i would be impressed
  3. I want to play dat game. Whats it like?
  4. So that's how it feels when ATA accepts you? I definitely haven't applied for every single beta they've offered, only to be rejected each time?
  5. wasnt on purpose. they dont tolerate roleplay on that game
  6. legendary
  7. I mean most games dont tolerate it, thats what pimd is for, fbi set it up along with ata to keep app the pedophiles im one spot
  8. Just realized the correct definition of someone who preys on children is blocked. Thats odd ata?
  9. *slow clap*

    You broke the rules on another ATA game. I'm so proud.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.