Aces n eights declare war on I.c

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  1. I h8 u 2
  2. Awww... Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

    Side Note: I'm gonna shut up now before i bring this thread even more offtopic. :oops:
  3. Cool story bro
  4. Idk what's going on but go a8!
  5. I'm wondering who this other turtle is...
  6. Could you also revise your writing too? Would help the people who are reading the thread for the first time with their comprehension of what happnened.
  7. Nice thread op. Hope u get payback 
  8. Spank them hard.
  9. Spanking can be difficult
  10. Re: A8 vs I.c. vs Jack (Rejc06?)

    Asking a lot from me here deni
  11. Or perhaps Twinky is judging you because he has more SDT alone than your whole clan combined.

    But I may be wrong.
  12. Umm whos twinkie? And sometimes its not about stats.
  13. I am, and its with a "y".

    My comments were directed towards the first turtle that posted in this thread. For some reason he edited the last post i was responding to.

    Either way, its y'alls thread/war so ill leave y'all to it.
  14. Yet u got a noob in your clan that want war with ic yk_go ill hit all np
  15. Stop causing trouble twinky, ; ) ....that's my job. Lol
  16. Just read op lol Reggie is a troll, not surprised at all by this.
  17. A8 is dead.... Wow
  18. We are? 0.o