Accidental Ally purchases

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Confirm ally purchase tab?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Poll to have devs put a "Are you sure you want to hire this ally?" tab.

  2. Maybe, as long it's not while hiring from profile page.would make volleying a lot more annoying. We already get those please try again boxes enough , don't need another pop up.
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  3. Support
  4. This would kill volleys. Plus it's funny when the person you accidentally hire from hits back.
  5. No support! Make a mistake suck it up! Hire a 1q Allie by mistake you won't do it again for sure
  6. Accidentally hired a 600t with crappy stats, fml
  7. There is no choice but to suck it up at the moment. Mistakes do happen, should be a preventative step
  8. No support. Would be a huge pain to volley. Just pay attention, I’ve never accidentally hired anyone in almost 9 years on this app.
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  9. Yes, I agree, mistakes happen, but again once you make one your more likely not to make it again! Hence no support, just be careful
  10. Just because we sometimes make horrible mistakes as such doesn't mean we should take an oh well stance with others it's miserable i agree but don't spread grief
  11. It's called life! Mistakes are made and normally it's a small inconvenience ! Touching a hot kettle or maybe jumping into a icy pool ! We learn by our mistakes ! If you hire an Allie by mistake ie click the button that says HIRE and it's not you to your liking then maybe next time you will take more care! Called life sometimes it's a bed of roses other times it's not!
  12. Hard to pull a strip with that 😂
  13. Perhaps they can have it as an option in settings? Like yes/no to “confirm ally purchase”
  14. Imagine doing a volly!! Getting the pop up every time!
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  15. Well that’s why I said having it as an option where you can then it on or off depending on your circumstance
  16. For such a minor issue do you think the devs care? I don't think so! As I said in a previous comment just look! Make sure you know what your buying! If not sure don't press hire n come to forums and whine! Suck it up seems to be the order of the day!
  17. Just a thought. Volleying is still a thing? Really? Oh well. Yes guess gotta be more careful when hovering around a profile