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  1. There should be a feature where you don't need an active admin to get in the clan, you can use an access code.

    So there would be 2 buttons. Join & Code.

    Only War Chief and above can set or change the code. Only Warlord and enable or disable the code.
  2. I agree, been wanting an auto-accept so clannies don't need to wait for door. Would be nice to get into your clan without the help of others.
  3. Nice idea. I'd only add that upper level admins could add a max number for code accepts.

    I.e.: if you're reserving spots for 6 people who are out doing war or br, the admin could set the maximum clan count to 94.

    This would fix the awkward kicking of 'inactives.'
  4. No support, it's not necessary.

    A distinguishing factor between a well run clan and poorly run clan is the activeness of its members. Next you'll want to be able to set EB rotations that auto cycle
  5. Excuse me but why would that be a problem?
  6. I support a auto unload feature devs please make it so we don't even have to open the game.
  7. Be creative for once
  8. That's the most creative thing I've ever posted what's your problemo?
  9. This is nonsense. We've all been part of 'well run' clans where the wait at the door can sometimes be 2-3 minutes. Even the most active admins have a life outside of kaw. Yet, that 2-3 minutes can seem like an eternity if you're on the outside and have a small window of time, like in between classes or in between meetings to unload troops.

    Giving trusted members a key for entry is clan friendly and user friendly.

    I see this as something that would improve engagement within the game, not hurt it. I can see no good reason that people should have to wait to get into their home clans.
  10. Are that many people applying for clans that need to get in so badly? And what if that person who is given the code gives it to other people(bad people) and they get in the clan under the clans noses.
  11. Then they shouldn't be an admin with the access that gives out codes. Kinda like a clan Owner who gives ownership of their clan to a complete stranger and cries after it gets disbanded.

    Even if the code was given out to the wrong people, they could just change the code. Simple. Fixed. Done. And suggest that certain said admin be removed from admin, stripped, farmed, and pinned for several years.

    It's not intended for "poorly run clans" it's intended for highly active clans like a train. say you have 6 clans and 1-3 admins accepting 100s of people. or everyone could just let themselves in.

    Also lots of times, people can be chatting in cc whereas don't even notice the door notification. Almost as if your big sister was in her bedroom with headphones on and can't hear the doorbell, she doesn't have to be constantly staring at the door waiting for you does she? but if you had a key, or code, you can get in your own home.

    also good for family clans. if you are part of a family clan, it's much easier to come and go through each of your clans.

    also good for "first come first serve" type activities. sometimes you want to be fair to who gets to the door first.

    in addition, you could also have set to where joins are disabled so that random's cannot apply, but if you had the code, you can get accepted into your own home clan.
  12. Or instead of a code which could be easily leaked and sent out to everyone, just have a list which members names can be added to and they'll be auto accepted?
  13. There cant be that much distrust on KaW. Everyone is so concerned about leaked access codes. that's the same as granting an admin rights to accept at the door.

    The chances of leaked access codes are slim. Established clans have trusted admins. We'll run clans have trusted admins. And those less than average clans, Not everyone on KaW is looking to join a warbeast.

    And also, even IF the code was leaked, how much damage can you do? eb gets completed? Oh no! heavens forbid that happens. So. Yes. Let's say your code was given out to every John and Jane out there. Give one valid negative argument against this, that 1. Isn't happening now. 2. Understand their role as entering said clan is "soldier."
  14. What do you suppose a member entering the access code in the gate? Is that an inactive player?
  15. Here's another addition to the access granted. As warlord/owner, you can leave the clan, and instead of disbanding, you can leave an owner/warlord access code. (additional code but only assigned when owner is leaving).

    only that Owner code when returning to clan, grants you ownership back into your clan AS owner. This will remove the hundreds of statless clan owner alts.

    Also, the access code will grant anyone returning with the owner access as owner, thus no need for 2 people to be present when switching over ownership.

    there is not a need for a player to hold the clan. also, this feature could be available with players "in the clan." no more of a need to switch ownership.
  16. Just have a set amount of keys per 24 hr period available only to senior levels of admin to give out. Have a button like the change role button, call it the key button.
    Only a few ppl a day can be given a key to get back in which will expire within 24hrs if not used.
    Could even be like a 24hr spell where you can see the amount of time your key is valid for.
  17. I think that's tons more coding than it has to be. With a coded entry it's easier.

    set access , if access = true then accept / false is denied

    with the spell, you're talking about adding timers, graphics, player values, specific player value etc...

    I try to give as little work possible to devs to get a nice access feature. if seems too much trouble, they may never see it as a benefit at all. could be a good thing to add in their new game to test since it's still in beta.