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  1. #feelthebern
    Vote! that is all.
  2. Maybe you wanna tell me where your point even has merit.
    As for quoting you. I dont feel the need to go back and find the post to quote you word for word. You've said words to the effect of those ive stated and thats good enough for me.

    As for religion. I pegged you for one of those fanatics simply because i cant see any rational person wanting to dictate to someone else what they should do or how they should think purely based on their opinion that has no merit behind it other than you think its "murder"

    You my lil poptart friend, are the one that wanted to come out swinging with Grizzly and tell us how its a waste of human life and yadda yadda yadda.

    You havent really given one valid point as to why you believe that its wrong, we all get you dont like it. But is that it? Is that your whole reasoning behind it? You dont like it so it should be illigal?

    Well i dont like vanilla icecream? Should that be illigalised just cos i dont like it?

    Or better yet, should others not eat fatty foods around ppl trying to lose weight? Becaue they dont like it?

    Or should vegans get to dictate to others and tell em they're murdering sentient beings for food and thats not right?

    Im sure you'd ignore em too and think them an utter fool for trying to take away someone elses choice to eat what they like?

    Thats how i view your argument, its like:
    "I dont like that you play a sport i dont like, so imma critisze you for playing it, interfere with your game and try get it illigalised cos i dont like it"

    its a simple fix for you really.
    Go down to your local hardware store, get some instant concrete, and harden the @$#& up.
    You're a whiny little guy and need a hobby instead of trying to put your nose where it dont belong.

    If you dont want or agree with abortions...fine. dont get one ay;)

    But leave others decisions on the matter alone. Considering it doesnt affect your life one bit, your opinions on it, as well as you complaining and chuckin a wobbly just shows that you're disturbed by something that has zero impact on you amd continue to believe that you should have an opinion on anothers life.

    If you dont like apples, dont eat em.
    But stop telling others they cant eat em cos you dont enjoy them cos it leaves a foul taste in your mouth. Its just stupid.
  3. Malice, that's a lot of talking for not saying much.

    Question, since you don't live in america, do you think murder should be legal here? After all, it wouldn't affect you.
  4. Legal and no child support.
  5. Agreed. Good response.

    Where I live this is actually incorrect. If the mother is killed and the foetus is destroyed, it is only considered murder if it can proved that the baby was living a separate and independent life from it's mother. Or even if the mother lives.
  6. @crazy- State laws differ, but many will states charge for murder no matter how long it has been since contraception
  7. Yep I know they differ. I'm not an American. Just saying that here it isn't considered murder. And it's got nothing to do with how long it's been since contraception.
  8. I haven't read all the posts, but pregnancy honestly creeps me out, it reminds me of a parasite. I'm not a big fan of kids either, I don't want any of my own. Hell, I might even get a hysterectomy someday to totally prevent it.

    That being said, sometimes condoms and birth control do fail. Even if you use both at the same time, there's still a chance of pregnancy. What then? Should the people who tried to prevent conception be forced into parenthood? I, personally, don't think so. They have the choice, let them make it.

    If the male still wants the child, I believe the female still has the end choice, as it will be attached to and feeding off of her body.

    If the female still wants the child and the male doesn't, and they took precautions beforehand, I think the guy should be able to opt-out of childcare.

    In the absolute end, I think it should be legal around the first 12 weeks, before it REALLY starts developing into a baby. Roughly 3 months should be enough time for someone to decide what to do. Maybe a little beyond that, but not too much. And unless you are the one getting the abortion, it doesn't directly affect you. Let people decide what to do with their lives. Miserable parents would be a bad thing, that negativity may rub off onto the kid.

    Then again, this is just my opinion and I'm not in a position of power, so what I say won't affect much xP
  9. I agree with you.
  10. So we get to choice when a kid is a person? Are we gonna follow Rome? Allow a women to even kill her 12 year old child? Not a person yet not yet 13 are we gonna play the game of counting when a human is a person? Are we also Gonna allow Child sacrifice later on Bc they are no longer deemed a person?
  12. Animals > Human
  13. By that logic if you dont like murder its okay for me to kill someone. You just shouldnt do it
  14. Dont forget murdering someone. The people on the forums can turn a blind eye. Its your choice to murder someone that is a nuissance to you
  15. And the problem with your logic is that abortion, in certain places, is legal. If it's legal, you have no say. Murder isn't legal. Abortion is.

    Let's explore another view point: (keep in mind, I'm speaking off American laws here) Say you have a special, unique blood type. Someone else with that same blood type is critically injured and needs a transfusion or they WILL die. There is no extra blood stored in the blood bank. And no one can force you to donate blood.

    You can legally refuse to have your body forced into keeping another person alive. It's called bodily autonomy.
  16. Abortion should not exist
  17. But the debate is if it should be a law or not. Laws can change. Slavery was a law and it changed.

    And ypu are talking about forcibly saving someone's life. Abortion is actively killing. Not saving.
  18. Really....jeez you reachin at straws.
    How is murder and abortions related?

    Oh thats right. Cos poptarts like you keep making the same comment.
    It dosent work like that.

    That like saying "oh you eat meat? Well lets slaughter all animals cos you eat meat"

    You're exaggerating the point and associating it with something its not.
    Your point is invalid, but nice try. Wanna go for another generic "anit abortion" comment straight from the hand book? Or you gonna actually use that brain you got, think for yourself and actually come up with a responce that furthers this debate instead of sittkn there like a moron going "nuu uhhhh! Its murder!"

    Jeez. Come up with another point, cos that one is getting old.
  19. Forcing someone to give birth because there is no alternative, is a better choice, is it? Or how about home abortions? What about sexual assault victim's? What about people who won't survive their pregnancy? You're talking about ending someone's life but what you fail to realise forcing someone to give birth could end their life too.

    You can't dictate other peoples right to choose. You don't know their situation or the circumstances under which the fell pregnant. You don't know if they have the means to support a child or to support a pregnancy. Women have the right to choose. And their choice doesn't involve you or any one else.
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