Ability To Sell Plates For Trader Tokens

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    With the release of another land. We saw the ability to buy Pal Plates

    This leaves me to wonder. If there is any possibility that we could have the function to sell Plates. I could understand this may affect some more than others. This also would encourage growth and the economy of this game. As we could also add the ability to buy things like seals or chimes at a high token price. Or even sell unique items, charms or equipment. Giving more incentives to chase trader tokens via events.

    I suggest: selling for 1/3 of the cost of buying.
  2. With the release of new lands and more fates plates than we know what to do with and p plates dropping so frequently I think there will be more than enough growth for awhile!
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  3. Agreed
  4. How about lowering the requirement to access new land. I think 10 plots opened in pallum land should trigger access.
  5. No support, I believe 15 is a manageable number to achieve for majority of active players. It should be a challenge.
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  6. The grind is real, what next all lands open and build complete? Tap! Tap like most of us have done!
  7. No more spoon feeding