Abandon Ship?

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Kasama, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. @op some one starting hitting you for no raisn pls fix that and its a war game get used to being hit if u cant take it dont play

  3. In that case maybe
  4. No one cares. /end
  5. The Jackson account is shared by a few morons and should be banned
  6. it was the vile moron pipebomb who corzed all the trouble as if you didnt know already kasama. He was the one calling sick names to everybody.And then when it all blew up on your clan .Then pipebomb left you all to pick up the pieces and he quickly ran & exitted the game .After dirtying the clans name and getting you all hit.

  7. Believe that's against TOU catfish
  8. If the account is shared by a few morons then he isn't hurting anyone. Now if it was shared by Einstein and the richest man in Saudi Arabia it would be a problem, but judging from his size it isn't that big of an advantage.
  9. No, perhaps you should speak to Roni??
  10. Lmao lmao you should talk to Kasama about your line id xD
  11. Looooool you need to learn how to pvp. Been gettin you Sz for ages without return inc, keep pinning on your ebs loooooool
  12. you've been sitting on me? I still have 3/4 bar of spies.
  13. lol He called u catfish. Its because u r a catfish. A nasty slimy bottom dwelling, bottom feeding reject who swims around eating other fishes poo. Youre nasty. :lol:
  14. Jackson looks like both of your accounts are PnZ.
  15. He has more than 2 accounts
  16. I have all of his accounts I'm talking about the two he was using to attempt to pin me
  17. You're an absolute imbecile. You zeroed me once lmao. What, I've done it about 10 times by now? Also, that doesn't effect me you idiot. Look at the ebs in my clan history? Do I care? I think not. Lmao, I'm doing this while you're doing hte etc. You will request a cf eventually you ugly elephant. Get a life, job and lose some weight.
  18. Can't request a CF to someone who doesn't hit
  19. I don't even know who you are.