Abandon Ship?

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  1. Abandon ship?

    Hey, so I've recently been involved in the growth of a new clan as well as its council and here's what I've discovered.

    Connections are everything, without knowing and being close to other clans you will not have a good time with recruitment unless you spam b2b hhc, hte, zta or something along those lines which is exactly what we did lol. Of course we couldn't maintain growth this way and I believe was a determining factor in the death of the clan overall.

    Sparking fights early adds a hint of excitement to your game but hinders you in the long run.

    Of course I received no inc. I assume it's also cause I never dished some out. But I was busy being my old inactive self.

    Essentially, someone started hitting our members for no raisin and this lead management to react. What did he do? Start a weird osw type thing that wasn't necessarily an osw. It was kind of pvp except lackluster as they only really picked on one of two people and left the rest alone.

    I mean, I was council. You'd think I'd be a target or perhaps it was because I was pure spy and can't be atked if I have no gold out. Which I dont because I barely hit ebs lmao.

    Third party chat apps are great for discussion, horrible when there's nothing to discuss.

    Keeping the discussion active is hard enough in KaW CC. It gets worse if you do it outside. Or perhaps it's easier, regardless a healthy clan is a talk-a-tive one so please keep your clan alive.

    If you are council, communicate with your team and especially the owner/s. It's difficult not knowing who to suspect of being a mole. Even harder when you don't watch your door.

    Communication is key, remember that.

    Several days had passed and I noticed that several high ranking members were leaving both third party groups and the clan itself. I believe it was due to lack of communication as well as the other key points I mentioned prior.

    I may add to this later.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Best thing to do is have your account removed.
  3. It's too late. Game has gone to crap lol. Perfect time to roll out. Not worth playing.
  5. Dellie, please shush.
  6. :D lol
  7. Why is it a question
  8. ^Good question.

    I'm imposing a question or perhaps I'm asking myself that. Even though I left the clan around 5mins before I made this thread.

    I also wanted a catchy title.
  9. It wasn't a Spark? I was in your CA but was keeping 5 members Pinned at once. It might've killed xtals but in the end who requested a CF? Btw It's always smarter to hit members rather than Admins. Members usually aren't as willing to fight for their clan as much as admins. My reason? I was getting hit from Jackson, Joe, and Jacksons alts from within that clan so I ran bars up and down roster. Please do try again. 7T worth of Strips>1T failed strips. Tell me who put forth the effort. Jackson Likes to make Autistic jokes so That was another reason. I had plenty of reasons. Btw, I am not saying this to make me seem like a fighter because I HAVE requested multiple CFs throughout my KaWreer. I'm not going to lie. But, if you're going to say something make sure it's true.
  10. So the whole thread is basically about kasama running from another off system fight.

    Once a runner, always a runner, no matter what spin is put on the story.
  11. How big were most of the members? There's no glory in hitting a bunch of newer players just trying to get relevance through growth. There's also nothing that kills clans faster than pvp before people have bonds with each other that are worth staying for.

    I would never run from a fight(mostly because being labeled a runner would piss me off forever and ever) but if I was in a clan for like 3 days and barely knew the people then they want me to fight their fight? Screw that hell no I can find a clan of strangers anywhere.

    Moral of the story, if you want to grow a clan steer clear of confrontation for a few months
  12. Most of their members were my size of bigger.
  13. Sorry who even is u?
    I never heard of you before buddy.

    How am I lying?
    I'm recounting events from my experience.

    I think you're confusing this with someone else.

    I've never run from an osw?
    What are you talking about?
    I've rarely been in osw, in fact my latest osw was with reg and foxes.

    Which was a couple years ago lol
  14. You know who I am.

  15. NO WAY!! did you think about offering them some raisins? I think it's atrocious that they attacked you for not having raisins.

    Despicable behaviour.
  16. Woah, woah, woah

    Is dis chubbs?
  17. Funny how no one really knows dis story, kas you didn't know what was happening in the end as only 3 council members did. Cf would've been mandatory if we carried on with the clan but I just decided to leave a few days aftee because I was prob gonna quit KaW. We had a fantastic clan... That we assembled in 2-3 days but then it was literally only me and Kas sending ads out. Then that lil twerp starting hitting some of our members which I appreciated as it seperated the strong from the weak. Then a council member said it would be best to apologise as she had a plan, but I could've gone on forever. That was the first cf req i've made on any wall in KaW before and i'm not proud of it. Heck, I might just start farming him again.
  18. You're lying, you stripped like 2 members of 3t and didn't take all of it. Stop lying bruh it's making you look sad lmao and if you're trying to reboot your failed osw group/clan I'll be right there to kill it again. And guys, you'd understand the jokes I made if you saw the insults he said to me and looked at his Line pic... lmfao it's really hard not to.
  19. #1 you didn't kill anything at all, that credit goes to bad company. #2 I'm not making another group. #3 I don't have line. #4 it was around 7T, the members with larger amounts left. You can ask Viper.