A week as a Game Developer and my KaW-retirement! (Updated)

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    Bye, Ecstasy. I’ve quit this game but I’m here for people that’s still here and playing. Just to chat.  Thanks for educating people. It’s a long ass forum post but worth the read.
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    The devs said Smash is shutting down because it couldn't be fixed in their new unity engine. Esctasy just pulled stats enough for me to convince that ATA is after the money (Unless this game runs on the latest Unity Engine)
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    Well, they said they could not move SMASH to Unity as this would take a lot of resources and time. Which is true, they'd have to set-up the code base from scratch. While the current SMASH engine has bugs they cannot fix without having to redesign the entire game and like Mark said, SMASH is not making a profit for them any more. As I stated in the OP of this thread, developers don’t make games for altruistic reasons, they are made purely for profit. Nothing wrong with it, that’s how a successful business operates. When a product is below operational parameters and is making a loss, if nothing can be done, the company pulls the product.

    Link to SMASH shutting down post.

    Afaik, KaW was never moved to Unity, it has had the same old retro sega style graphics since forever. If it was on Unity, the game would look way better for starters. It would have had interactive game-play and features too. They would not redesign KaW in Unity3d to just keep the same old outdated visuals lol.
  4. The Sims Free Play is better cos I'm rich there than in real life 
  5. Smash shutting down???? Noooo!!!! :(.
  6. Ecstasy, go check out a video on the ol' YouTube by Simon Sinek. Look for "The Golden Circle."

    Perhaps you can find inspiration to do something great in your Industry rather than ordinary.

    I enjoyed the read, thanks.
  7. So the game designers ruined this game
  8. Based on OPs information and ATA’s reasoning for shutting down SMASH, it seems KaW is destined for the same exact fate. Impending shut down due to the code/server/computer stuff it is currently running on is inevitable.
  9. Not really, kaw doesn’t require as much animations and such as smash did on there engine which made it hard to fix, Bruce said most bugs are being worked on and kaw is not shutting down in the future if it has continued community support, tbh, I’m sick of seeing these ‘kaw is shutting down’ or ‘kaw is dying’ , if it’s dying stop preaching it and uninstall kaw, fact is people say it’s dying then still play.

  10. Thanks for the info. I’m actually not someone who ever whines about the game.

  11. In honesty,

    The game is slowly falling apart. Lots of players are going inactive. First with war dying and smaller clans afterwards. Lots of clan can’t continue with player base almost inexistant and most players lacking of interest in those never-ending. I truly believe the game is dying.

    Also in KoH, lots of Realm are getting merged... The realm I’m in right now (Before I was on the first realm and restarted from start) is getting a second merged Wednesday... 2 merged in 4/5 months? ATA isn’t doing something right to loss player base so easily. And Kingdoms of Heckfire is a P2W.

    With that said, ATA should change things in the way they do their things.
  12. Koka - every single app, or at least 99.9% of them, have an option to pay for something to enhance your experience. The companies creating the apps are in business to make money. I don’t know why this is such a hard concept to grasp for the FTP players.

    Smaller clans die, IMO, because they are too easy to create and leadership tends to lack the game experience to attract and retain members. That’s a player issue, not an ATA issue.
  13. This was a very enjoyable read.
  14. So why you’re saying is 99% of the apps should make it p2w instead or releasing free content that keeps non paying players active enough and giving them a chance to pay? Theirs a difference between paying to get a leg up and paying to completely destroy the competition I don’t think you understand how much this game has devolved into a pay to win from where it used to be. Also smaller clans die because everyone is chasing after the clan that can complete events quicker. The eb’s have made clan loyalty virtually non existent unless they were already in a position of power to retain stronger players. Your arguments are very flimsy
  15. I disagree TZShifter. I’ve seen plenty on KaW in the six years I’ve played.

    As a person who’s spent my entire adult life working in finance, and 15 years of that with a Fortune 100 company, I think FTP player’s opinions should bear little or no weight in BUSINESS decisions. Players who don’t P2P aren’t going to suddenly change their minds and start making purchases.
  16. Kaw won't die as there's to many invested big spenders however it will definitely get less funding from devs and less server time but the devs ain't stupid they have a solid customer Base that will spend and that will spend on new apps so will look after us but with the least amount of cost to them
  17. Lol nobody cares about your fortune 100 company or where you’ve worked that has nothing to do with KaW
  18. Shutting down smash is such a waste of a huge of game. So much thoughts put into mechanicas of cities and monsters... Their names referring to mythology... I'm going to miss it so much!!!!
  19. That’s why they didn’t sell game rights and the source code etc, they hope to revive the game and that it still has potential.
  20. He was making a point. I think you are overlooking the fact that F2P players don’t help fund the game. The social side of things sure they help I guess, but when it comes to business decisions and actually helping the game run they do very very little. The only opinions who matter are and should be P2P players. Pretty simple honestly.