A way to go back to old LL wars

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  1. This is a low effort thread and I’m sorry about that but I will keep it short and sweet.

    We all are aware by now of the change to LL war to an Indy style format. Devs also said they will be monitoring the participation levels of the change. There are many issues to this new LL format as it obviously was not thought through because a few weeks ago Winston said he had not even thought about changing LL wars.... anyways

    Considering they are watching the participant levels and likely forums too, we can try to revert to the old way if we boycott these wars and do not do them.

    Now I know there are people trying to stay/reach top 10 in wars.... I get that 100%. But for the others and the majority of your top 100 you don’t need to do LL wars. Even too 50 doesn’t need them. So if you really do not like this new format which idk why you would, then avoid them for the next week or so or at least Winston replies and updates us.

    I do not know how many people agree with me on this but in my group chats for Ll wars there are over a hundred people I have seen in designated Ll war clans that I’m sure disagree with this change. Please leave your opinions and happy KaWing!

    If you wish to help another thing you can do is send this post to feedback:

    As part of warring community I am completely against the change in ll war format. It is thoughtless and useless. The purpose of ll was to adjust build BEFORE sign up according to wc STRATEGY. That's why it was ll, because it is easy to change. You guys took away our choice of warring with ppl we want to war with, not leaks, inactives and alts. This completely does not work. Please bring ll wars back like they were.
  2. Theres literally like 2 clans that have set rosters that only benefit from ll war this way everybody benefits. They saw a problem which was clearly a problem and fixed it. Sure its not perfect but its a fix for a broken system that was abused.
  3. It’s sad to see it go but needed to happen. Will certainly be encouraging people to participate in these new formats now that LL wars are playable again.
  4. The issue is that you can create alts that are LLBC in literally 1 hour so you do that once and you have so many more alts and moles in wars. Not to mention everyone willl war ps which takes all the fun out of LL so ppl who do run ps are likely not hiding allies as a ps should which leads to more strips plus we have more action farmers because it’s easier to get actions as a ps in LL because you can assn/sb everyone... more alts because it’s easier to make an alt for the bracket you need.... aka every bracket. And more moles and leaks because it’s easier to have alts. How in the world can anyone say this is a needed change?
  5. The changes on LL thanks to devs they actually listen to me for once
  6. LL indi war will not affect mids and bc players. They just have more chances to participate. They can adapt to builds after few more wars and give other players advice on builds. Your concern on alts only affect lower tier builds which was and always be mole country
  7. Well the issue is lack of players. Many of the lesser used time slots have just one matchup, and even the others are 2 or MAXIMUM of 3 matchups. So we’re all in this “mole country” you speak of.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very in favor of this change.
  8. Lack of players is the issue yes. But LL wars before had a different pool of players to pick from. So many people only did old LL wars and never indy style wars because they are inherently easy to cheat in. Now devs turned a shoulder to those who focused on LL to support cryers who couldn’t get a LL clan.
  9. I’m confused, LL wars are the ones “inherently easy to cheat in” though, aren’t they? It’s so easy to get an account to LLBC, and especially before where you could literally guarantee that the account would be in the opposing clan rather than your own. Indi wars are still easy to cheat in, unfortunately, but now it is at least a little harder because you have the risk of your alt being put in the same clan as your main.
  10. The issue is that LL wars were CREATED WITH THE PURPOSE OF HAVING SET, PREMADE ROSTERS. Otherwise there is NO purpose of them. This change was made with maybe a week of thought out into it and it is absolutely terrible.

  11. U don't even war moron