A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by DeFi-Zoey, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. #1 won’t be party to an ahdragos propaganda extravaganza.... specially as “Cr” aka ahdragos are using this account, I’ve seen SS of atks. So, retire the account, (be classy) , keep using it ( be just above a cave dweller with opposable thumbs) ..... or the last and issue an apology to kaw for trashing ppl’s memories.

    trASH, go away
  2. You must have an awesome life, so awesome that you'd have to resort to posting pure hate on a 9 and up tap, tap game forum, Dr.

    Look inward and maybe you'll lessen your hatred towards others and potentially redirect it into yourself.

  3. Kasama, b4 I put the T-rekt meme up,ask Ahdragos at Chaos Reborn why he’s “EB” active with said account
  5. Can we get the title changed to “Ahdragos isn’t half as cool as Jester”
  6. It does seem in poor taste to be hitting epics with jester account. 1.1 tril on zelgrad 8 hrs ago really cheapens the op.