A Warrior's Farewell - In Honour of Jester

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  1. Very sad to find this when I finally got back on kaw. He was a good kaw player, loyal too. Rest in peace Jester 
  2. Jester was an amazing guy who was always willing to help everyone else out no matter what he had going on. This is a very sad thing to hear and was very shocked when I found out. I will miss him dearly. Rest easy old friend ️

  3. “Mama, put my guns in the ground
    I can't shoot them anymore
    That cold black cloud is comin' down
    Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door...”

    RIP Jes
  4. Cool story

  5. Respect, Ahdragos, beautiful tribute to your fallen friend.

    May your brother find his well deserved rest.
    Gone but never forgotten 
  6. Wow. RIP Jester.
  7. miss you so much
  8. Hope you are at peace Jester :-(
  9. Rest In Peace Brother.
  10. I’ve banned petulant children from screen time for less Ahdragos.....
  11. Think this is the wrong thread to trash talk on?
  12. No trash unless we include “ash” because that’s part of your name.... tbh, ahdragos knows,poor darts mate
  13. You should be as “prolific” in your praise for Jester, adhy, as expect us to be “meh it’s a dead account hitting”.....know where I’m
    Going ??
  14. I know what you’re referring to and I still don’t think that this is the place to be a ___.

    Have some respect. You would expect the same. Wtf is wrong with you?

    Hope a mod cleans your and my posts up. ️
  15. When Ahyla passed away and Fury posted the same exact thing you just posted, they were trashed from all sides by apoc for doing so.

    So maybe, especially as a leader, you shouldn’t be a hypocrite and take it elsewhere?
  16. I’m
    Just a pleb trashy, how about you shut your face for a month or so
  17. Unfortunately the KAW community is constantly exposed to unintelligent, inarticulate, braggadocios redneck airheads such as yourself, so it is my duty to equal out the garbage you spout with my own words of wisdom. And of course, to put you in your place before you pester more poor souls with your immoral nonsense. So no, I will not shut my mouth especially because you’d love that way too much.

    You are disgusting.
  18. Now do your thing mods.‍♀️