A tribute to legends and heroes

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  1. Call me whatever you like fake nightmare. ;)
  2. Gadrack_of_cricklade

    Guy has been a stalwart leader of modern republic and then WAR since back in the day. No nonesense; no drama; just a sensible head and a proper warrior
  3. SKF because he doesn't care about anyone or any clan but WoG and that kind of loyalty doesn't exist anymore

    Also thought me everything I know and I've had respect from people mentioned in this thread.

    If you disagree please feel free to bring complaints to my nf ;)
  4. A lot of my old forum friends are long gone and forgotten tbh. But I'd say the forums in general about 3-5yrs ago where lit and my main favorite part of the game.
  5. Support and Respect
  6. Pollyanna and Lancelotdulac. One is retired and will never play this game again. RIP Lance
  7. fattyfatty for recruiting me into Little Mercenaries and then onto Mercenaries add to that TYGER, Belle and the rest of Last Rights who taught me a lot of the other side of the game and now back to the current members who are still with us in Mercenaries a lot of us have been together 5 years now
  8. i would like to thank all those nice people who stripped me, farmed me for weeks. those people taught me how to not care on this game lol. also like to thank my mom and dad for being good parents, my agent for getting me good deals and lots of money, god.
  9. Same & I agree with that & cc was awesum back then too. The first cpl clans I joined had cc cranking better than WC at times & I'm talking bout the oldskool WC when u couldn't read convo's written 2-3 mins b4hand cos there were too many posts too read lol.
  10. The SKF's of Wrath of God. Always got your back. Lady SKF has been awesome someone that really cares. SKF been there from day one through the years of OSW. WRATH of GOD..
  11. KingHawkEyes and Galedor.

    P.S. I still have KHE's referral code on my wall if any of you want to submit it 
  12. Laoda,Sylver
  13. Respect and support to all the heroes.
  14. Dis, Des and Sucka of old Black Hand and old iG
    Chucky of Black Hand and ISS
    Tech9 of ISS
    King Kash of Lotr
    Maddy of Fury
    DirtyLarry of Fury

    and more..