A tribute to legends and heroes

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  1. Distance,formerly of iG and also Brian from Voodoo in late 2010.
  2. Donrico taught me to be a man.
  3. Gotta be the lady of the omets L1 and momma and poppa bear and for teaching me the art of interfering with midgets the one the only TIMDAFREAK
  4. I have to give a shout out to my first owner who taught me how to play and how to make the most out of the game. Wietfromhell.

    The clan he ran was heretics of dune and was my first kaw family. He was so patient and understanding. He still plays and even ran a clan with me and some other friends for a while. Love the people I've met on the game and there are many who have helped along the way I just saw this and had to name him for how great of an influence he has been on players new and old :)
  5. The first person i am going to post about is Si from devast4tion you taught me alot and i value the friendship we have.

    Second is imf you are a great person and helped me along my way when you owned me awhile back.

    Next is my first mentor Shidust she introduced me to my first osw. I remember her with maybe 10 ppl kodiak evil alki knightrider r some of the 10 taking on big clans and getting cfs. She was a true pvp player.

    Next is my old fluffy team king arabmaster demon our cc chat was the best still remember billy getting upset about our cc. hitting each other just for kicks will always have respect and love for you guys.

    Next is Vixen you are our rock at awakening you keep us from going off the rails lol

    Also mrpunch you my friend is what it means to have your clans back not taking crap and always giving it back tenfold. You are one of the best men / fathers i know and i only wish you and your family the best

    Last but not least is chuck man your drunken rants was hilarious you are great person always taking care of us and never backing down you my friend are a true kaw legend and will forever b in my heart.
  6. I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that I feel this thread will soon be filled with alot of origination stories that end in them now residing in kotfe.

    Don't get me wrong, I am definitely biased, but it seems to me that's where most of zero, the visionarie, the head recruiter for kotfes threads have all seemed to lead.

    I would just like to remind everyone that there is a reason that kotfe is open recruiting mid-osw.
  7. Semzz....hit someone instead of trolling forums. I'll make a thread for legendary forum trolls and I'm sure you and your clan will get the attention you desperately want.

    Stay on topic or leave the thread.

    On a side note, we are doing so poorly that we are ranked anywhere from 4-8 on the clan lb at any given time. I hope we continue to struggle so badly.

  8. I'm very sorry that my opinion that this thread will eventually be used as a recruitment tool by kotfes visionary head recruiter bothers you so much, but I guess your plan was to try to do it on the sly.

    Remember when adding clans mid-osw meant you were losing?

    Remember when recruiting mid-osw meant you were losing?

    You know who I'd like to remember?
    He is the first one to make me realize what a clown clan kotfe is.

  9. Bro just ignore him you can make a thread about being a vet and reconizing all veterans or for reconizing ppl beating cancer and this guy will claim its to recruit ppl so sad.

    If my memory serves me right didnt invictus absorb multiple clans mid osw. Didnt zaft join invictus mid osw so pot calling kettle black. And isnt iG activily recruiting as we speak smdh.
  10. Well if you actually read what I typed, and by the way you quoted, you would see that it says remember when. If this is indeed a thread in memory of old better times, I would think that was kind of on topic.

    Nope but instead you rush to judgement and rage post without even reading (or not understanding) fake nightmare. ;)
  11. o_O i didnt even quote you. Your post which you are clearly taking jabs at us. All my post was to say i remember you guys doing same. Just saying pot shouldnt b calling the kettle black.
    Also if you would of read and instead rage posting would of seen i did say (if my memory) which is pretty much remembering. I also never said you wasnt on topic. So again fake puns read before you speak.
  12. I do stand corrected, you did not quote me. How am I the pot calling the kettle black? Am I Invictus? Am I ig? What do those clans have to do with me? Also none of them are open recruiting like kotfe is so I'm not sure they would be either of those (pot or kettle) either.

    But do please elaborate on how I'm fake puns, as I have elaborated about how you are fake nightmare a few times now. Calling me fake puns just seems like an unwitty rebuttal to you being fake nightmare. Fake nightmare. ;)

    Anyone remember Delorme while we're talking about legends ?
  13. IG was just openly recruiting in wc maybe aweek ago and where in this thread or any other thread or in wc do you see us actively recruiting o_O i call you fake puns because you remind me of him that is all.
  14. No I haven't seen you recruiting in wc in a little bit. What I have seen is zero kotfes visionary head of recruiting (as per his banner and awakening's clan page) making numerous threads that can be seen from certain points of view as creative recruiting tools. Other points of view could see them as kotfe trying to rebrand itself from how far down the toilet they've gone (alot due to your namesake --Nightmare-Machine--)

    I'd like to also mention that kotfe clans are also now ranked #12 (awakening) #73 (ascension) and #90 (rebellion). So can you see where my suspicions about these threads made by kotfes visionary head recruiter come from?

    Also please elaborate on how I remind you of puns, alot of people who know the both of us real well are waiting to hear about it. ;)
  15. You both like bacon and icecream. Lol ok ok ill stop calling you fake punzz

    Ill just call you fake GoA
  16. I guess I'll give a shoutout to the folks who helped me actually learn the game when I came back to it a few years back. Nazulle and the Prophecy of War clan chain definitely helped me learn about the game and how to start enjoying it again.

  17. you're somewhere on my list i think :?
  18. Miek01 thanks for everything this gal taught me how to play and holds the best starter clan in kaw The Toxic Sushi .