A tribute to legends and heroes

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  1. Hello fellow tap-tappers. Please use this thread to remember those who influenced you and the game as a whole.

    If you've been around this game long enough, you've met some pretty cool people who made a big splash in this game during their time.

    Please share your stories and discussions here. Let the community know who came before them and what they brought to the game.

    Who knows, maybe someone reading this will be inspired to leave their mark on the game and make it a better experience for us all.
  2. Like him or not, Wulf was a legend in this game. He was a big part of osw, EE, Pve, and served as a moderator.

    RIP Wulf ️️
  3. Roland was a true mentor and great leader.
  4. I remember Roland. I warred against him and HiT several years back. He was a very tenacious player.
  5. Mtnbadger for introducing me to pvp and teaching me osw

    The entire turtle army in s5 for the great times i had with them

    Every member of both Awp and Aztec back in our first osw for the most entertaining osw ive ever had the pleasure of being in
  6. What about Slyph???
  7. Wulf died?
  8. He's no longer active in the game.
  9. i have a few that put me on the map ha first was 4S-KillianTheRed i had my alt in the forums their subclan. He gave me so much advice and i was in awe of him because he was always doing EE wars. He always found me a home when i was out of a limb. Soul from adhd and Lala. Lala was a very fiesty lady and always made kaw fun to be in her clan.But she also let you feel that kaw just aint for men warriors.That females can be as powerful as them . Also Azrael /Pharoh-Machine. He saved me so much times and had so much advice to teach me and was a great friend and would hire my allies when ever i needed.Also Mr & Mrs barcode (now known as Razzleberrypie and Goat. They inspired all Monst3rs to never give uo fighting untill you are victorious.They are all rounders in all different kaw fields .And their advice always motivates me when i feel lost . My wish i could be more like on kaw was Steph from Regulators / 7DS . She was a strong female in osw and EE .And a good role model to keep pushing myself to be one day close to her league.
  10. -Deadly- for teaching me how to even play KaW. Probably his worst mistake.

    Pure EViL members, especially Archados and B, for showing me what it really means to OSW, as my first OSW was against them. Respect to my clannies, the original HoL!

    Someone I really do miss playing is my friend TORTOIS3, or LIFE as many may recall. We were in clans together and clan hopped with each other. He was a great guy, but sadly haven't heard or seen from him in a long time.
  11. I have to say Inks as most known him when we were at Monster Garage. He was my mentor and friend. God rest your soul brother and thank you for all you taught and helped me with back in the old days.
  12. Nightstorm from VooDoo for teaching me all things OSW, great fighting by his side and most of Og VooDoo back in 2011.

    Gutterbomb for introducing me to my first pwar. Good chap, spent a lot of time helping the newbs out.
  13. DiUpSiDeDoWn's clan Rising Heroes first one joined.
  14. ColtonAllen- For mentoring me and believing in me.

    Towel- For his tough love. Teaching me that hits are fun and pvp is even more fun

    Joe_- teaching me to be an arrogant ass when I need to be

    PJenn- For teaching me the "Foxes" way

    Gamehenge- for creating my home

    LegendaryHero- For giving me a second family

    The Old OG alliance ( you know who you are)- for giving me the best experience I've ever had in a game.

    To old WDGAF alliance- for being apart of that awesome gaming experience. Respect to all

    And to every Fox, old or new- for making and keeping the legend alive.. ️FTF️F4L️

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    Legendary Family
    Kaw addict since 2010
  15. We get it, you're a big deal.

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  16. Original OG-WDGAF and round two of that war was the best of times for me in KaW. It was the game's sweet spot in my opinion.
  17. Anarchy and iGropeCareBears stand out for me for their unique sense of humour. Spy was another prominent figure in my playing experience, and one that deserves great credit. For any of you who remember Ahdragos, he was a great player.
  18. kaW started in late 2009... don't be jelly